Lead Management System

Sales Team Management to assign leads

Capture leads from landing page

You can capture leads from your landing pages hosted on the content management systems and store it in the lead management system.

Sales Team Management for customer information

Analyse Marketing Leads

Understand which marketing channels are getting you the highest and the lowest number of leads. Reallocate your budgets accordingly based on the insights from the lead management system.

Sales Team Management for team tracking

Enrich Leads Data from Social Media

From our lead management system, you can take a person profiles that have very little information or that are inaccurate and receive back 100+ data fields on that person.

Sales Team Management to monitor Sales Pipeline

Capture Leads with Autoresponder

Based on the interest your leads stated on the web form, our lead management system can segment your subscribers and trigger the perfect message to be delivered based on their interest from a standardised e-mail template.

Sales Team Management for team tracking

Manage Lead Follow ups and Nurturing

Automated sets of emails that go out to leads based on specific timelines or user actions. Each time an email is sent out, it comes from a queue of already-written personalised emails.


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