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2FootPrint DotCom is a dynamic company that is on a growth spree. Driven by its visionary leadership team, 2FootPrint DotCom has been making waves and paving a path of its own in the managed print services industry.

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Industry: Professional Services

2FootPrint DotCom


2FootPrint DotCom is a dynamic company that is on a growth spree. Driven by its visionary leadership team, 2FootPrint DotCom has been making waves and paving a path of its own in the managed print services industry. With state of the art HP printers and unparalleled technical support, the team has been gaining a sizeable market share and a brand reputation.

Second CRM is a robust tool that helps us manage our sales, operations and technical support with ease. Easy to use and the team is highly reliable.
Edwin Cheah

2Footprint DotCom

The Challenges

As the team was scaling up, the Management of 2FootPrint DotCom faced some challenges in managing their team and operations. Growth has never been easy to manage and 2FootPrint DotCom needed a suitable technology partner that would help them automate many of their business units. It was then that they decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • As their Sales team grew, they needed a system in place that would track and monitor all sales activities within the company. With higher targets set, they also needed the appropriate tools to help their Salespeople achieve their goals.
  • With the increase in new customer acquisition, they needed an efficient customer service team that would help resolve customer grievances with faster turnaround time. This level of efficiency and heightened customer experience is only possible with technology.
  • Another huge challenge that 2FootPrint DotCom faced was managing machine breakdowns and getting their Technicians there on time. Previously, every morning they would be having their daily meeting and technicians would be allocated a number of breakdowns and service that needs to be done for the day. Once they are out on the field, it is almost impossible to get to them and assign new tasks based on severity and this would have to wait for the next business day which isn’t the best customer experience for premium customers.

The Solutions

Having understood their requirements, Second CRM proposed a phased implementation approach instead of an all-out disruptive change. This way, we would be able to align their processes one by one in line with the management direction.

  • Each business unit is important in its own way but to start with, we implemented Sales Force Automation first. As a start, we implemented the Accounts & Contacts module which is the core of the system. This allows 2FootPrint DotCom to have their database in one central location that can be accessed anywhere anytime. This gave their salespeople a huge advantage in terms of retrieving historical activities and shortening their sales cycle. They could now walk in to a sales meeting with more confidence and have all pertinent information at their fingertips.
  • As the next step, the calendaring function along with tasks and appointment management were implemented. With this, their salespeople could now integrate all tasks and appointments with their Google calendar and have access to these at all times. There were no more keeping customers waiting as the system was built with alerts and reminders. This ensured that every task that needed to be done was done in a timely manner thus increasing client engagement and satisfaction.
  • Following this, the Leads Module was implemented and now, all their leads, regardless of their origin, cascaded down into a central repository. This includes the leads that come from their website, events, and even social media. These leads would then be assigned to a particular salesperson based on the nature of the inquiry.
  • All sales processes, stages, and the entire pipeline could now be tracked with so much ease as the system does all these for them now. Having had all these in place, we then implemented the Reporting Module which took care of one of their biggest challenges, Management Reporting. Now, they could generate any report that they wanted, be it tabular or graphical and have it either emailed to them or placed on their dashboards. This totally transformed the way they looked at their business. Crisp decisions could be made based on relevant and meaningful data and this helped them improve their business tremendously.
  • Having put the above in place, we then moved on to automate their Customer Service Department. To roll it out, the Service Request Module was implemented. Now, the moment a call comes in, their Customer Service personnel can retrieve the customer information and view all touch points from the past. The present case can be recorded in the system and based on the severity, predefined workflows kick in along with escalations to the right people within the organization.
  • This heightens customer experience as they do not have to keep repeating themselves every time they call in to speak to a customer service personnel. On the other hand, the time that it takes to resolve the issues is drastically reduced as well.
  • The final piece of the implementation was the mobile enablement. Having had these service requests coming in, the customer service personnel could escalate these to the relevant servicemen that are on the field. These servicemen could now get alerts on their mobile phones and they would be able to access the system anywhere anytime with a data-enabled mobile phone.
  • Upon completion of the servicing, the technicians could now log the information back into the system regardless of where they are. This information is now back into the system and the service request could be closed accordingly.

This overall engagement brought in positive change to the way 2FootPrint DotCom did business. Overall efficiency had improved, customer satisfaction and retention had increased and the entire team is now empowered with tools and business automation that they never had before. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at sales@secondcrm.com.

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