Field Service Management System: A Case Study

Active Telematics

Second CRM has helped Active Telematics reengineer their internal processes and automate all the manual tasks. Improved productivity, reduced operation costs and improved efficiency are some of the key milestones achieved.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Professional Services, Engineering Services

Active Telematics


One of the pioneers of telematics services and solutions in Malaysia, Active Telematics uses the latest in wireless communication technology (RFID, Wi-Fi, GSM or Iridium satellite) with GPS location technology to create everything from in-vehicle electronics for cars to specifically designed on-board computers in trucks.

Using cloud technology has allowed them to be a wireless, on-the-go solution for vehicle status and goods tracking, making sure people and things arrive safely and on time, every time. Their interest in cloud solutions is what brought them to Second CRM, looking for an intuitive, adaptable cloud CRM solution.

Active Telematics uses Second CRM to connect with their mobile workforce, sending job card and updating service information remotely. Second CRM stores their client information and service requests, which are conveyed to their employees in real time. This way, Active Telematics saves time and transportation costs by allowing employees to move from one installation to another without having to take the trouble to return to the office to receive the next task, which also speeds up service response time.

Key Highlights

  • Mobile app connects on-the-go employees
  • Efficient storage of customer data
  • Streamlining sales document creation and management
  • Service requests facilitate issue management and resolution

“Second CRM has been a boon for us. The team had taken great pains to understand all of our business processes in order to provide us with the best solution that was not only tailored to our needs, but also one that was highly competitive in terms of cost. Even post deployment, we had always gotten excellent support and their response has been incessantly speedy.”

Omar Hatmi

Active Telematics

The Challenge

Being an engineering services company, Active Telematics had a number of issues that needed to be addressed in order for them to improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and improve overall productivity. Some of the issues are highlighted below.

  • Active Telematics needed a way to store and organise information such as customer accounts and the details of business potentials. Being able to easily locate customer information was key to them, as on-the-go employees needed fast access to pertinent customer details.
  • Additionally, Active Telematics wanted an easier way to create and send sales records such as quotes, invoices and sales orders. When dealing with customers in the business of logistics, efficiency is important in order to minimise customer wait time.
  • They also wanted the ability to create and manage job card for their employees visiting customers. Their business is largely service based with installations and repairs, so being able to properly track these is essential to maintaining their exacting standards.
  • They also wanted the ability to generate reports in order to properly monitor business performance and facilitate decision-making.

The Solutions

As for this implementation, the team from Second CRM had deployed a number of modules in order to meet the needs of Active Telematics. The implementation had taken slightly over a month and in a nutshell, the following were addressed, and their requirements were thoroughly dealt with. 

  • Active Telematics uses Second CRM to store and organise customer information. The straightforward navigation and filtering functions make it easy to locate records. Used properly, all stored documents are neatly organised and efficiently managed, enabling them to keep track of everything business related.
  • Second CRM’s sales functionalities were fully utilised by Active Telematics. Sales documents could easily be created and converted at the click of a mouse, minimizing customer wait time and maximising productivity. Making Second CRM a repository for all business documents also makes future reference easy, with the use of the search tool and filtering.Additionally, these sales documents could be exported to PDF or emailed to customers directly from Second CRM, maximising the efficiency of their customer interactions.
  • Active Telematics uses the Service Requests module in Second CRM to manage and monitor the status of job card, from start to finish. This ensures that any customer issues are resolved effectively and in a timely manner, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Reports on monthly revenues, new client statistics and more were generated using the Reports module. This allowed owners and executives to keep tabs on key performance indicators, highlighting potential weaknesses and facilitating decision-making.

This engagement had changed the way things were done at Active Telematics. Many of the processes were now automated and the team had been successful at improving productivity. Overall efficiency had improved, customer satisfaction and retention had increased, and the entire team is now empowered with tools and business automation that they never had before.

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