Bharat House

Bharat House is a platform that was specifically built for the Indian expatriate community in Malaysia. Being a sizeable community, there has never been a one-stop platform for members of this community to get together, engage as well as to seek for products and services that are of Indian origin.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Technology

Bharat House


Bharat House is a platform that was specifically built for the Indian expatriate community in Malaysia. Being a sizeable community, there has never been a one-stop platform for members of this community to get together, engage as well as to seek for products and services that are of Indian origin. With this gap in mind, Bharat House had come up with this platform that would ideally fill this gap and be of service to not only members of that community, but even to the broader Malaysians as well.

Bharat House is not limited to the social engagement of the community. It also has a comprehensive list of Indian restaurants, places of worship, schools and a whole range of e-commerce offerings which covers right from spices to finished goods from the Indian subcontinent. This would be of great assistance to any Indian expatriate who has just arrived in Malaysia. Even for the Indian nationals who are planning to come to Malaysia, right from climate information, tourist destinations as well as immigration requirements and checklist, all of these are readily available on this platform.

Working with Second CRM was a breeze. They knew what they were doing and at every point we got expert advice.

Nirbhay Shah

Bharat House

The Challenges

Being a huge platform that covers the social and e-commerce aspects, Bharat House had a number of pain points that needed to be immediately addressed before they could even think of scaling up growth wise. They had evaluated a number of technology companies and after some heavy scrutiny, they had decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows:

  • Despite having had huge aspirations, the reality was that Bharat House is a venture that had been started not too long ago. That being the case, manpower was an issue and they needed a solid system in place that could automate many of their processes.
  • Some information that is available on their platform is crowd-sourced. This requires tedious vetting and heavy editing to ensure the accuracy of the information that they post on their platform. This again is time-consuming, requires a huge effort and some kind of automation was needed.
  • Managing an e-commerce business can be quite challenging. There are so many things to attend to right from marketing, product cataloging, pricing, sales, customer support etc. This whole spectrum can again be broken down into a multitude of tasks. In most large organizations, each and every one of those divisions would be looked after by a department. For Bharat House, that was just not possible as the team was still relatively small.

The Solutions

The first thing that Second CRM did upon accepting this engagement was to thoroughly understand the full scope of Bharat House’s service offering. This was crucial since Bharat House was neither the usual e-commerce business nor a social platform. It had extensive features from both ends and in order to effectively address their needs, Second CRM had to have a clear blueprint in place.

  • Once the entire requirement had been understood and documented, Second CRM went on to implement the Accounts & Contacts module which would form the hub of the system. This goes on to manage and automate all interactions as well collate information like comments, likes, track views etc.
  • This not only becomes a central hub of interactions, but it also gives an in-depth insight as to their customer demographics, behavior, buying patterns and a whole lot of other crucial information which would be used for marketing activities. Complex workflows were then set up and linked to the Marketing module. With this, all their marketing activities can now be specifically driven towards targeted segments for more efficient results.
  • As the next step, Second CRM implemented the E-Commerce module which takes care of all the tedious things in a systematic manner. They include Products Management which includes adding new products, modifying existing products, pricing management, discounts etc. ; Order Management which includes sales orders, tracking payments, shopping cart workflows, order statuses etc. & Delivery Management which includes inventory management, tracking and right up to delivery sign off’s. This takes a huge burden off their shoulders as this core backend engine would be the driving force of operations. Having automated this huge component of their business, the team could now lay back and concentrate their efforts on Marketing which is the building blocks of their future.
  • Having put all those in place, Second CRM now concentrated on addressing the next most important aspect of their business, which is Customer Support. The Customer Support module addresses all their requirements and integrates with their Call Centre System. With this, there would be no more wait time as Call Centre Agents would now automatically know who’s calling on the other end of the line, instantly retrieve their purchase history as well as all touch points in the past. This improves customer engagement and in the long run, improves overall customer satisfaction. All workflows in terms of tracking tickets, escalations, as well as closures, were implemented to make it a seamless process for both the agents as well as customers.
  • To further improve Bharat House’s overall customer satisfaction, Second CRM went on to implement the Customer Feedback module as well. This module engages with customers post any triggered event. This could be a complaint or any other call that engaged with the call center agents. It could even be after they have signed and accepted the delivery of the product. The system would send a predefined survey to the customer to get feedback on the quality of services rendered. This gives an additional avenue for all customers to relay their perspective back to Bharat House. Besides being event triggered, it could also be a quarterly or annual survey that is going out to customers.
  • Having put all core systems in place, Second CRM finally implemented the Loyalty Module. This is again a module that has multiple parameter relationships with other modules since it handles things like vouchers, birthday discounts, loyalty points and a host of other features that compliments many other modules to increase customer traction and brand loyalty.

All of these efforts that were put into this project has enabled Bharat House to scale up their operations almost immediately and to roll out with a big bang. All critical areas, as well as operational activities, have had a tremendous improvement in efficiency and a massive reduction in OPEX. Second CRM takes pride in having been a successful technology partner for Bharat House. Not only have we successfully addressed all their pain points, the overall end to end operations had also been digitally transformed thus increasing overall efficiency and improved productivity. In line with this success, Second CRM envisions itself to be the ideal technology partner for e-commerce businesses out there. If you are an e-commerce company who would like to have a chat with any of our consultants and discuss your problems, you could call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at .

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