Sales Leads & Performance Management System: A Case Study

CNS Corporation

Second CRM has helped CNS Corporation manage the sales, marketing and business development of all its business units and subsidiaries, increased efficiency, reduced operations costs and invariably increased profitability.

Location: Malaysia & Australia
Industry: Professional Services / Technology / Retail

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CNS Corporation was founded by Dr. Sim Quan-Seng in August 1996. Over the years, the group has been consistently growing and now owns a number of businesses, both in the local and international front, that specializes in Early Education (K-12), Engineering, Architecture, Higher Education, Property Development, Health & Wellness, E-Commerce and Hospitality.

Some of their renowned brands are Kolej Dika, Real Education Group, Kangen World, a2a Global Network, Cofreth Consultancy, CNS Land, Hengthor Architects and Ryokan Chic Hotel. CNS Worldwide Marketing, is a subsidiary of CNS Corporation and it is the group’s Business Development and Marketing arm and as such, manages that entire spectrum of activities for the group of companies.

We have been using Second CRM for some time now, their service is prompt and they always suggest us ways in which we could improve our processes for better efficiency. Second CRM has helped us manage our group’s business in a more organized way. I get to pull out various reports on the go and this keeps us on top of our game. Once again, excellent service and yes, I would most certainly recommend Second CRM to anyone looking for a system.
Arasu Balasubramaniam

CNS Corporation

The Challenge
CNS Corporation needed to manage the multiple businesses that they owned in a single system to facilitate better coordination and execution of the overall group planning. As such, they were looking for a system that had multi company / multi-currency capabilities. The variation of businesses that they own added complexity to this search and they needed a right system to be able to handle the multiple workflows, based on the nature of their business. Complex reporting requirements also meant that the system had to come with a dynamic report builder that could not only generate reports on the go, but also one that gave them the complete flexibility to further add on to their reporting requirements down the line, and that too on their own.
The Solution
CNS Corporation had spent an enormous time in evaluating a number of systems and after some stringent competitive analysis, they decided to work with Second CRM. Upon engagement, the team from Second CRM spent a considerable time understanding the group structure along with the individual requirements of each and every one of those business units.

  • To kick start the process of implementation, it was of utmost importance that all their historical data was to be migrated to Second CRM in a structured manner, including all the correlation that each and every transaction and activity had with any one of their subsidiaries. During this migration process, all their Accounts and Contacts were rightfully identified, and the workflow mapping was done accordingly.
  • Following this, the Lead Module was implemented. This module manages their entire lead management process, right from picking up the lead information from the various channels, i.e. website, email, social media, workshops & roadshows, up to managing all the touch points that is done in order to work this lead to conversion at the point of realizing the potential in the lead.
  • At the same time, the Activity Management module was also implemented. This would now facilitate the sales and marketing team to record and manage their tasks, telephone conversations, face to face meetings, email communication and even to the point of managing their day to day activities in an organized manner. Alerts and triggers were also implemented so that no task or activity goes unnoticed when it is due to be carried out.
  • The next module to be implemented was the Potential Module and using this module, they were able to work on and track all their potentials in a pipeline and this information was segregated by the various subsidiaries as well as the overall standing of the group.
  • Being the marketing arm of the group, having a proper Campaign Management module in place was crucial factor for the overall implementation. The module was set up for the client and using this now, they could run various targeted email campaigns as well as offline campaigns to attract their target customers as well as to engage them in a fruitful manner.
  • The final module that was implemented which was also of a great importance for the client was the Reports & Dashboards module. There was a huge list of reports and dashboards that had been configured for CNS Corporation. Some of these reports were Leads by Source, Leads by Agent, Monthly Student Enrolment, Monthly Placement Tests Completed, Monthly School Visits, Potential & Pipeline Reporting by aggregate as well as product & subsidiary, Sales Report by Agents and even right up to the Daily Activity Reports. These reports are just a handful of the lot and this even went on to the extent of customizing numerous complicated reports with complex formulas for their weekly management meeting.
  • Once the entire implementation was done, the Second CRM team moved on with the training which covered both the User Training as well as the System Administrator Training. Upon completion of the trainings, the users were now able to do not only their day to day activity, but also were equipped with the knowledge of being able to create their own reports and dashboards as and when they needed to do so.

The entire implementation and training was done in a speedy, yet methodical manner as requested by the CNS Corporation team and the entire team, including the Board of Management, were very pleased with the outcome. Complex Management Reports that previously used to take laborious hours have also now been automated and churned out by the system at the scheduled day and time. Overall efficiency and productivity has greatly improved as a result of the processes that were put in place and the results were clearly visible in a matter of weeks.


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