Fullrich Malaysia

Second CRM has helped Fullrich manage their customers, partners & merchants in a single platform, thus generating higher revenue while keeping their OPEX low and the solution was tailored to meet their operational and regulatory needs.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Financial Services

Fullrich Malaysia


Fullrich Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a financial solution provider established to empower consumers and businesses and contribute to Malaysia’s digital economy agenda. Powered by technology from Fullrich Beijing and funded by the Barrington Group, Fullrich Malaysia aims to realize the full benefits of their flagship product, TaPay, in everyday life, aided by its partnerships with Affin Bank and Cyberview.

TaPay is an innovative community-driven financial solution, offering seamless payments right at your fingertips. The application is not only allowing users to store funds and credit cards, it also allows users to save loyalty cards from various merchants, while providing merchants with instant payments and the means to optimize their extended marketing and sales activities.

Our operations are quite complex, and Second CRM was able to provide a holistic solution that was tailored to address all our needs. Speedy support and a reliable technology partner.
Hudhaifa Ahmad

Fullrich Malaysia

The Challenge

Fullrich Malaysia has a very complex business requirement due to the nature of their business. They needed a holistic solution that would help them manage their customers, both end users as well as businesses, along with partners and merchants. That being said, they needed a technology partner that could help them resolve all their present pain points as well as help them scale up with ease in line with their planned growth. They had evaluated a number of technology companies and after thorough evaluation, they decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • Unlike the norms and being in a regulated industry, Fullrich Malaysia had to liaise with customers, partners, merchants and even a number of regulatory bodies. Initially, managing a small database using conventional methods was easy but as they started to grow, this became tedious as this database kept multiplying.
  • Sales, Marketing and Finance needed a consolidated database with all touch points being recorded at all times for each and every one of them from these various departments to do their job effectively and efficiently.
  • Customer Support Department needed a system in place to help them manage all issues that are raised by customers as well as merchants. Previously, no systems were in place to help them manage these. When the number of customers were small, it was still manageable but as their customers and merchants grew in number, it was almost impossible to keep track of all these.
  • Management reporting was another challenge. Since all their data were disconnected and stored in various places and in a number of formats, churning out reports in a timely manner was close to impossible. Most often, it took them a couple of days to extract all pertinent information and to tabulate them all in a single report.

The Solutions

Second CRM understood the complexity that surrounded this implementation, mainly in terms of processes that were unique to this industry. The Second CRM team took time to completely understand the entire processes right up to the minute details, broke them down to smaller, more manageable implementation stages and advised the team at Fullrich Malaysia. Having understood that a phased approach would be the best approach, the Fullrich Malaysia team agreed to the proposed methodology.

  • To establish the core of the system and to put their database in place, we first implemented the Accounts and Contacts module. By doing this, their entire database of customers (both individuals and corporations), merchants, partners and regulatory bodies were all stored in a single central repository that is accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Since the system would be accessed by individuals from multiple departments i.e. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and Top Management, we then went on to implement back end rules that defines the roles, permissions and access rights of each and every one of those individuals. This allows only certain people to access certain information in the system. Some would have editing capabilities while some would only have viewing access. This adds an additional layer of security to the system so that unauthorized people do not get access to confidential information or information that is not relevant to the role that they play within the organization.
  • As the next step, we worked on the mobile enablement to empower their sales team. With Second CRM Mobile, their sales people would now be able to access customer information on the go. They would be able to update, view as well as plan the next steps and future activity with regards to the accounts that they are managing. This saves a lot of time as they do not have to wait to come back to office and update the system. It also ensures that there are no oversights since they are empowered by this instant enablement at their fingertips.
  • Following this, we moved on to automating their operations by implementing a stack of Office Automation modules. This covers putting the calendaring function in place along with tasks, appointments, email and Google integration. Not only did this exercise put things in an orderly manner, it also gave complete transparency as to what each one of those business units are doing with regards to the accounts and contacts.
  • The next module that we implemented would be the Alerts and Triggers. This ensured that all their customers’ queries and pending tasks were done on time and their customers were never left out to dry. The moment a task has been pending for a while, escalations kick in based on the predefined workflows. Email alerts would also be automatically sent to the relevant parties for immediate action.
  • Once all the above were done, we then went on to work with the marketing team and put the Marketing Module in place. This now empowers the marketing team to run effective marketing campaigns for both merchants and customers. They could create templates within the system and target their marketing efforts based on the rules that they key in. This could be based on demographics, customer behavior or even spending patterns. And the capability to have all their database in a single centralized location and drive marketing campaigns truly revolutionized the way things were done within this department.
  • The next part of the implementation was to put the customer support module in place to support their merchants, partners and customers. The customer support team is now empowered with greater automation and a whole lot of tools for them to perform their tasks and support their customers more efficiently.
  • The final piece of the implementation was to put in place the reporting and dashboard module. Now, automated reports would be generated for the top management based on the predefined frequency. Not only that, everyone who logs in to the system would be able to see real time dashboards that are relevant to them on their homepage. No one has to go and seek for information from multiple sources and now creating new reports can be done in a few clicks which is just a matter of minutes.

This entire exercise had digitally transformed Fullrich Malaysia and driven their business to new heights. Every aspect of the business had been automated and as a result, overall efficiency had improved manifold and an all rounded satisfaction had been achieved. Today, the team is empowered with technology and new business tools that they never had before. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems and to digitally transform your organization or business unit, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at sales@secondcrm.com .

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