Good Meal Hunting

Second CRM has helped Good Meal Hunting automate their entire e-commerce business, right from product management, order management to billing & payments and even logitics.

Location: Philipines
Industry: Startups

Good Meal Hunting


Good Meal Hunting is a technology company set up with the purpose of helping home cooks manage their food business out of the comfort of their own homes as well as to serve consumers freshly made meals by delivering directly to them.

Good Meal Hunting handles all the logistical and technical aspects of running a food business, from providing food containers to coordinating with delivery services in order to let their kitchen merchants focus on the most important part, the food itself. Consumers could log in to Good Meal Hunting platform, choose the dishes and the quantity, pay online and the food would be sent to their doorstep.

We are glad that we decided to work with Second CRM. They are very practical and methodical in their approach and the team is always there for you.

Lance Uriel

Good Meal Hunting

The Challenges

Being an e-commerce platform that has multiple touch points that they have to manage, Good Meal Hunting had a number of pain points that needed to be immediately addressed before they could even think of scaling up. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • The biggest challenge that the team faced was the lack of automation. The team had huge dreams of taking this big but then, the mere fact that they had recently started not too long ago kept coming in their way. Manpower was limited, and they needed as much automation as possible to run their business with minimal human intervention.
  • Managing an e-commerce business requires huge effort and can be quite challenging. There are a multitude of things that needs to be attended to right from marketing, managing their kitchen merchants, product cataloging, pricing, sales, customer support, logistics etc. For Good Meal Hunting, it was impossible to manage all of these without having a system in place.

The Solutions

Upon being awarded the project, the first thing that the Second CRM team did was to put up a clear blueprint in place. This was crucial as it outlined all the modules and the spiral of workflows that are associated with each and every module. Once this was agreed upon, then the project roll out commenced.

  • Being the core of the system, Second CRM’s Accounts & Contacts module was implemented before anything else. Now, they could have their entire database of customers and kitchen merchants in a single location that could be accessed from anywhere. Having done this, they could start capturing all interactions that they have with their customers which could be retrieved at any time in the future for reporting purposes. As an extension to this, Second CRM went on to implement social media plug-ins. Now, not only was the direct interaction captured, Good Meal Hunting was able to collate information from social media as well.
  • Having done the social media integration, Second CRM was now able to give valuable insight that the team previously never had. Information such as customer demographics, behavior, buying patterns and a whole lot of other information that could be put to good use by their marketing team. The next module that was implemented would be Second CRM’s Marketing module. This enabled them with a host of tools that they could use to run multiple marketing campaigns and take their brand awareness to the next level. Instead of running the same campaign across the board, targeted and effective marketing campaigns can now be executed. This invariably increases the success of each marketing campaign since the content delivered is relevant and of interest to the recipient.
  • As the next step, Second CRM implemented a stack of e-commerce modules which takes care of all the tedious things in a systematic manner. These include Products Management module which includes adding new products, modifying existing products, pricing management, discounts etc.; Order Management module which includes sales orders, payment tracking, shopping cart workflows, order statuses etc.; and Logistics Management module which takes care of the entire logistical part right up to order delivery. This takes a huge burden off their shoulders as this core backend engine would be the driving force of operations. Having automated this huge component of their business, the team could now lay back and concentrate their efforts on Marketing which is the building blocks of their future.
  • Having put all those in place, Second CRM now concentrated on addressing another important aspect of their business, which is Customer Support. We then implemented our Customer Support module and had it integrated to their Call Centre System. Now, when a customer calls in, the caller is automatically identified, all calls are tracked, and any issues are recorded and escalated using Second CRM.
  • To improve the overall customer experience and to collect feedback, Second CRM’s Customer Survey module was also implemented. Now, the team could build simple to complex surveys and automatically send them out to their customers for feedback. This could be either something that is done on a periodic basis or even one that is triggered by a specific event.
  • As the final piece in this implementation, Second CRM implemented our Reporting module that would enable the customer to have real time reports in the format of their choice. This covers detailed tabular reports as well as graphical dashboards that is unique to each user.

This engagement with Second CRM has brought about a vast positive change in the way the operations were being run at Good Meal Hunting. The team were now empowered with technology, overall productivity improved tremendously, and an all rounded satisfaction had been achieved. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems and to digitally transform your organization or business unit, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at .

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