Second CRM has helped iKargo rectify their manpower shortage by automating their key business areas. Improved sales force management, digital marketing enablement, automated billing and enhanced customer support & retention were achieved.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Startups / Technology



iKargo is a technology company that provides a platform that helps shippers and transporters find each other to save time and money and the platform is one that is easy to use. To start off the cycle, the shipper posts a shipment on iKargo and specifies his requirements or items that needs to be delivered along with the location and dates. Then, the transporters that fit the shipment needs, based on the transport types and location, are automatically notified via the mobile app.

Transporters that are notified can begin bidding for the shipment and this process continues until the shipper accepts a bid and pays the bid price. Upon confirmation of the job, the transporter then dispatches a transport to pick up the shipment and delivers the consignment. Upon delivery, the recipient will enter a PIN or sign a delivery order and the transporter gets paid accordingly.

The Second CRM team listens to our requirements, understands our needs and comes up with a solution that is tailored to solve our problems.



The Challenges

Despite being founded by veterans from the logistics industry, iKargo was a startup and that being said, they had a number of issues that they needed to address right at the foundation stage.

  • The challenge that most startup’s face would be the lack of manpower to manage the multitude of functions within the business that needs to be managed and iKargo had the very same problem. In order to address this, they needed to automate as much as possible.
  • The second challenge that iKargo faced was that they needed to work with a single vendor that could help them automate all their functional areas. Being a startup, they were not in a position to engage multiple vendors that specialize in a single functional area. They needed to work with the right technology partner that would come in and resolve all their pain points as well as help them scale up in the future.

The Solutions

After having met a number of technology companies, iKargo had decided to work with Second CRM and there were two main reasons for this decision of theirs. Firstly, the experience that we have in delivering quality solutions to e-commerce companies in the past and secondly, it is because Second CRM is a one stop solution provider that has proven itself again and again with hundreds of customers over the years.

  • For us at Second CRM, this was a fairly straightforward implementation as the usual complexity that surrounds the Product Cart e.g. pricing, discounts, product listing, product bundling etc. and Logistics was not here in iKargo’s case as they were purely a service provider that matches buyer and seller.
  • Following that, the Reporting module was implemented by Second CRM. Now, they have the complete flexibility to churn out automated as well as complex reports and graphs that was previously not there. This would now be able to help them make meaningful decisions based on the spending patterns of their customers as well as to assist with their marketing efforts.
  • As the first step, we put the Accounts & Contacts module in place. With this, iKargo could now build their database of customers as well as service providers. Having such a database gives a powerful advantage to the client since they are now able to churn out lots of valuable information from the data collected.
  • The next module that we implemented would be the Marketing Module. Now, the team would be able to execute complex marketing campaigns using Second CRM. These campaigns can be more specific to a targeted group of customers and the content and promotion sent can also be unique to each specific segment of their demographics. This would ensure more successful marketing campaigns instead of sending the same content and promotions across the board.
  • Having put the core operational modules in place, we then moved on to implement the final bit which was the Customer Service Module. This module from Second CRM would look after all issues that are raised by their customers, record them and escalate them to the right person for resolution. Once resolved, that too would be recorded in Second CRM and this module comes built in with a myriad of work flows that addresses timeliness of response and customer satisfaction.
  • Another advantage of having this module in place would be for the customer to not only learn about the level of customer satisfaction but also to learn about the service levels of their transport providers. If a particular transport provider has been consistently providing substandard services, they can now retrieve all these information in the form of reports.

Overall, the team at iKargo were very pleased with the engagement and we at Second CRM are glad to have been there for the client when they needed our expertise the most. Today, iKargo does things very differently since their entire business had been digitally transformed and overall productivity has improved tremendously. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems and to digitally transform your organization or business unit, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at sales@secondcrm.com 

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