Loyalty Program & Membership Management System: A Case Study

Loyalty App

Second CRM has helped Loyalty App in putting a proper structure to their database of merchants & members, improved the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and helped them gain greater market share.

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Founded by Ronnie Elhaj in 2014, the West Australian entrepreneur identified the need for a free, transparent rewards program in which members could pay with, earn and share their rewards points where they wanted to; across the one universal program which has hundreds of merchants to choose from. Loyalty App is an iconic West Australian rewards program, that offers users the ability to earn rewards points on expenses like house purchases, rental payments, car purchases and servicing, white goods, home improvements, plus so many more big-ticket purchases where payments would typically become ‘dead money’.

Gone are the days of hundreds of plastic cards and an app for each corresponding merchant, now with Loyalty App, the community is connected with the one simple and transparent universal program.

Second CRM is a robust, highly scalable and versatile solution that allows us to manage our merchants and members with ease. Excellent and timely support from the team as well.

Gareth Glasgow

Loyalty App

The Challenges

Having been in the growth phase, Loyalty App was in the midst of aggressively building their pool of merchants and at the very same time, they were pumping huge dollars into their marketing efforts to increase their market penetration and share. As a result, they needed a system that would systematically manage both key aspects of their business along with automating some of the day to day operational activity.

The Solutions

That being the situation, the team from Loyalty App were on the lookout for a technology company that could provide them with a solution, not only for their present needs but also a technology partner that would be able to support them in the years to come. Second CRM, being a stack of technology with huge breadth and depth, was able to satisfy all the requirements that came from the Loyalty App team and after having been deeply satisfied, they decided to award the project to Second CRM.

  • Loyalty App was still in its early years and just like any other company at that stage, maintaining proper records of their leads was crucial for them. Realising this need, the team from Second CRM went on to implement the Lead Module first. There were three main aspects to this part of the implementation. The first being capturing of leads from multiple sources i.e. their website, email addresses and social media.
  • The second component would be that the lead information be brought over to the system and based on the nature of the enquiry, it shall be automatically assigned to the rightful person in the team for further action. Along with this, alerts, reminders and escalations were inbuilt to incorporate a multitude of workflows. The final component shall be tracking of all touch points with the leads i.e. meetings, telephone calls, emails, tasks and even to the extent of having capabilities of assigning tasks to other team members that have no ownership of the lead. This comes in handy especially in the case of a matrix organisation like Loyalty App.
  • Upon satisfying certain prerequisites, the lead owners would be able to convert them into potentials and maintain these separately as their prospects which invariably relates to their pipeline and revenue forecast. These prospects can be segregated and tagged to a particular stage within the sales process and moved up or down based on the present state of affairs.
  • Then comes the core part of the CRM which is the database of both their merchants and members. As for their members, things were fairly straightforward whereby the only information captured would be the member information, member activities (both usage and redemptions) and member touchpoints with the Loyalty App team.
  • However, the requirement for their merchant records was much more complex as it involved multiple account managers dealing with multiple contacts within the same merchant organisation as well as each transactional detail between the members and merchants and all this was soundly organized in a structured manner within Second CRM.
  • The next module that was implemented in line with Loyalty App’s requirements was the Document Management Module. Loyalty App had to maintain a number of important documents within the system and with Second CRM’s Document Management Module, they were able to store these documents in a structured manner within the system and at the same time, tag them to a particular event or transaction, thus eliminating clutter altogether.
  • Loyalty App was also in the practice of running Annual Surveys with their merchants and members. As such, the Survey Module was implemented to satisfy this need. Now, not only could they run periodic surveys, they could also have ad-hoc surveys triggered by a certain event and collate all these information in the form of meaningful reports that would help them make better management decisions.
  • The other two modules to be implemented that were critical for their customer service and marketing teams would be the Service Request Module and Campaign Management Module. Now, the team could manage all service requests coming from both merchants and members in a systematic manner and act swiftly to resolve any pending issues. Simultaneously, the Campaign Management Module enabled them to run meaningful marketing campaigns that had more targeted audience with greater receptivity and response to the campaigns which invariably improved their ROI.
  • To cap up the implementation, the final module to be implemented was the Reports & Dashboards Module. Now, they had meaningful information at their fingertips and could retrieve almost any report on the go. Similarly, dashboards that were relevant to the users were built that would enable them to have real time representation of the actual in a glance.

This engagement between Loyalty App and Second CRM proved to be a huge success, not only in terms of technology deployment, but also in terms of operational burden that had been tremendously reduced along with the significant increase in ROI.

If you would like to improve your processes, cut down on operational burden and increase your productivity, please feel free to reach out to any one of our consultants at +603 8687 4433 / +65 6304 8022 or email us at sales@secondcrm.com .

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