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Second CRM has helped REDmoney stay organised and be more structured with their data across all global offices thus improving total efficiency, productivity and performance of the sales team.

Location: Malaysia, United Kingdom & United Arab Emirates
Industry: Event Management / Education and Training.

REDmoney Group


REDmoney is a financial based media company with a specific focus on the Global Islamic Finance industry, providing media services across three core divisions of events, publishing and training. Launched in 2004, the firm currently has offices in Dubai, London and Kuala Lumpur where all three are offering an unrivalled multi-channel service across the full spectrum of the global financial markets. REDmoney proposes unequalled access to the elite of the industry with relationships built up over a decade of trusted communication with market leaders to provide a detailed network covering every aspect of Islamic financial services.

As an international media company with a sales team constantly travelling overseas, it’s necessary everyone retains full access to our growing database at all times. Our new CRM needed to be efficiently transferred from our ageing platform, with almost zero downtime, web based, adaptable, easy to use with good training provided and the ability to extract reports and data regularly. Additionally, pricing was a key factor. After trialing numerous CRM providers, Second CRM was the clear winner.
Andrew Morgan

REDmoney Group

The Challenges

Before opting for another CRM solution, REDmoney entrusted their entire operations to GoldMine. However, that was an on-premise solution and it offered no flexibility in accessing the data from around the globe. This was a key challenge since the sales team were consistently travelling and they needed to be able to access the system round the clock, regardless of their location. As a result, REDmoney was struggling to manage consistency of data between their three firms in Dubai, London and Kuala Lumpur. The lack of harmonization in the information collected had led to a critical redundancy problem. As a company that believes in optimum efficiency, redundancy is an intolerable waste that reduces productivity. This was the trigger point that set off REDmoney to look out for a better solution that would help them drive efficiency and productivity.

The Solutions

After having reviewed numerous solutions and having spoken to a number of our customers, REDmoney decided to embark on a journey with Second CRM. The requirements were gathered from all three offices and additional features and processes that were not there in their previous system was mapped into the present implementation.

  • As the first step, the core database was set up via the Accounts and Contacts modules. Once this was done, their existing data was migrated to Second CRM with all the fields being mapped to the new system.
  • The next step was to set up the media subscription information, rates and tenure. This would now enable them to effortlessly track their clients’ subscription and automated notifications had been set up to inform the Subscription Manager on all subscriptions that would need renewals within the next 30 days. Similarly, an email notification using a customized template would be sent to those subscribers notifying them on the subscription renewal.
  • We then set up the Marketing module that would now enable REDmoney to send out targeted emails to their database on the list of upcoming training programs. This comes with highly customizable templates.
  • In order to facilitate the Sales Management, Second CRM moved on to implement the Activity Module and Potentials Module which would help the sales team manage their time and tasks. All interactions with customers would be logged in to the system and this gives the management total visibility in terms of the upcoming deals and pipeline.
  • Besides facilitating the sales process, this Activity Module also helped them plan for the current events and trainings that they are working on. Scheduling of tasks and managing short term projects has never been easier for REDmoney.
  • Further to this, a customized Proposal Module was implemented along with the Invoicing Module. Now, the sales team had complete automation of the sales process and with just a few clicks, they were able to churn out proposals for their prospective customers.
  • The final module that was implemented would be the Reporting and Dashboards. This now enabled REDmoney team to literally churn out any number of reports from the system and the dynamic report builder tool gave them the flexibility of creating customized reports in the future. Reports that affect the day to day work of some employees were also brought to the Dashboards and shown in graphical representations. These dashboards are dynamic and drawn from real time information.

The entire implementation and training was done in a reasonably short period of time due to the previous limitations faced by the REDmoney team and the entire team were very pleased with the outcome. Their overall efficiency and productivity improved as a result of the processes that were put in place and the results were clearly visible.

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