Second CRM has helped Techmaster transform their field service management, improve efficient utilisation of resources, eradicate operational wastage and automate billing & payments.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Professional Services



SBS Bumi Sdn Bhd or is commonly known to their customers as Techmaster is an engineering services company that specializes in the maintenance of air-conditioning devices.

They have been around for a number of years now and have a few branches located across the Klang Valley. Techmaster’s services are not limited to individual customers and they also have a large pool of corporate clients that they service periodically.

Our operations have now been totally streamlined. No more messy spreadsheets, overlooked billing and servicing.

Abdul Halim


The Challenges

Just like most engineering servicing companies, Techmaster’s operations were somewhat decentralized. Orders come in and the technician heads out to service the client and the tracking mechanism was very much manual.

  • Having had a decentralized operation, each branch had their own set of databases that was not shared between the branches. This meant that duplication of servicing the same customers were rampant and the management did not have any control and visibility as to which branch was doing what.
  • The next problem was the servicing itself. Customers would just use WhatsApp or call in to a particular branch and the serviceman would head out. Most times, there was no way of controlling efficiency as each serviceman just heads out and services customers that are located far apart.
  • Secondly, service records were not properly maintained, and this caused a huge problem when it comes to maintaining corporate accounts that needed periodic servicing.
  • The final bit was the invoicing for jobs done. Since all the servicemen were out on their own, there was no control mechanism in place in terms of the jobs done and the follow up billing and collections. This was a major problem as it meant that Techmaster did at times loose on revenue just because the service records were not being recorded in a systematic manner.

The Solutions

Once the management of Techmaster realized that they have a serious problem that needs to be immediately addressed, they went all out and met with a number of technology companies. Finally, after having evaluated the shortlisted companies, they decided to work with Second CRM. One of the key reasons for this is the familiarity that Second CRM had with regards to their nature of business. We have worked with hundreds of customers and as a result, we were able to give them similar scenarios from previous deployments and how we have helped the other companies digitally transform their business.

  • We at Second CRM understood how critical a centralized database was for Techmaster and we implemented that as the very first exercise. With that in place, their customers were now broken down into territories and each branch only services the clients that are geographically close to them. The very first thing that this did was to give complete clarity to the management team in terms of their clientele and secondly, it also optimized the servicemen’s routes thus enabling them to attend to more customers on a daily basis.
  • The next thing that we did was to put a structure into their overall sales process which includes their entire service offerings, both as a stand-alone service as well as bundled offering and this went on to include the implementation of scheduling, tasks, follow up reminders as well as escalations.
  • Following that, the Quotation and Invoicing modules were implemented. Now, the entire business, both presales and post sales had their calendaring in place along with the daily tasks and assignments.
  • The next step was to integrate their inbound calls with Second CRM. Now, all service requests were centrally tracked in the system and jobs can be diligently assigned to servicemen based on the routes that they were to undertake in the days to come. Now, not only the overall efficiency and productivity increases, but each and every call and activities are now tracked within Second CRM and this was a total turnaround of business for the management.
  • Once the jobs were done, the servicemen would update the status via Second CRM Mobile and this is then automatically updated in the central system. With this case closure being done, an automated process kicks in and the invoice is then sent over to the customers and this is also integrated to their Accounting system to facilitate Finance on the next steps of collection.
  • As the final step, the Reporting Module was implemented. Today, the management team of Techmaster had complete visibility of the business and operations and any report could be generated in just a few clicks. Important reports had been auto-scheduled by the Second CRM team and based on the predefined frequency, the rightful recipients would automatically receive them to their emails.

With the Second CRM implementation, the management of Techmaster were able to close all the gaps that they had and now, their entire operations were more streamlined and automated in a single platform. This helped even their internal team manage their operations better and overall customer engagement had improved manifold. Customer retention was greater, and their overall productivity improved by leaps and bounds.

Today, the Techmaster team does things very differently and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to be part of their digital transformation journey. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems and to digitally transform your organization or business unit, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at 

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