The Launchpad

Second CRM has helped The Launchpad stay organised and manage their growing membership efficiently. Structured event management, digital marketing & member services enablement has reduced operational burden.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Property Management

The Launchpad


The Launchpad is a co-working & event space, founded in January 2017 to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Cyberjaya. Located at Century Square, The Launchpad is easily accessible, with ample parking space. The workspace aside, The Launchpad aims to build an active community for the startup entrepreneurs and techies of Cyberjaya with great facilities, supported by various workshops, seminars, meetups and other relevant events.

One thing that I really like about Second CRM is the user friendliness of the system. Despite being a robust tool with lots of features, it is easy to use, especially for a non-techie like me. Prompt and excellent support from the team too.

Fathiha Zafrullah

The Launchpad

The Challenges

Having started in January 2017, The Launchpad has been on a quantum growth. While this growth has been all good, it has also brought about a number of challenges to the team. That was when the Community Manager decided to look for a suitable technology partner that could help them manage their growth and to organise things in a methodical manner. It was then that they decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • One of the greatest challenge that the Community Manager faced is in managing their community members’ database. Previously, they had managed all of these using Microsoft Excel but as the database grew, managing it in a methodical manner became a challenge.
  • The other challenge that their Sales Team faced was in managing the leads that came from multiple sources. Their Salespeople needed the appropriate tools to engage their prospects and convert them to customers.
  • As their community grew, they needed that Office Automation that would help them manage things better and in a more transparent way. Previously, there used to be a smaller team managing a smaller community. Now, not only did the team grow, their community grew in size as well and for that, they needed a system that could help them stay organized.
  • Just like any other service driven organization, managing special requests from their members became a challenge as they grew in size. For The Launchpad, these requests are crucial and they have to be resolved and provided for within a stipulated time frame in order to maintain their service standards. Sticky notes and paper memos are no longer an option.

The Solutions

Having done this over and over for hundreds of organizations, Second CRM knew exactly the right solution that The Launchpad needed. We proposed a phased implementation approach that would help them discard layer after layer of their pain points and finally arrive at their ideal scenario.

  • Regardless of the nature of business, the most important asset for any organization would be their customer database and managing these efficiently and effectively would be key to any organizations’ success. We at Second CRM truly understand this and that is why, we implemented the Accounts & Contacts Module first for The Launchpad. This module forms the core of the system and from here, multiple other modules would be plugged in around this that would help The Launchpad automate many of their processes. Having put this core module in place, The Launchpad now have their entire database in one central location that can be accesses anywhere anytime. This gave their Community Manager along with her team a tremendous head start that helped them manage this in an organized fashion.
  • As the next step, the Leads Module was implemented and now, all their leads, regardless of their origin, cascaded down into a central repository. This includes leads that come from their website, events and even social media. Now, their team could start working these leads in a timely manner and even have automated workflows kick in based on the type of enquiry.
  • Following this, we moved on to automating their operations and a stack of office automation modules were implemented. This covers putting the calendaring function in place along with the tasks and appointments module. Now, the entire team had complete transparency in terms of their customers and community members. Whenever a customer calls, the person who answers the phone has a complete history of the activities and events that had transpired, and the customer does not have to repeat himself all over again since each interaction is now tracked using Second CRM.
  • With this, the team could now integrate all tasks and appointments with their Google calendar and have access to these at all times. With Second CRM Mobile, accessing this information became even more convenient. There were no more keeping customers waiting as the system was built with alerts and reminders. This ensured that every task that needed to be done was done on time and this invariably increased client engagement and satisfaction.
  • The final piece of the implementation was to roll out the Service Request module for The Launchpad. They had many requests that came in from the community on a daily basis and sticky notes and paper memos proved themselves to be almost impossible to be managed due to the volume. With Second CRM, all requests could now be tracked in the system and assigned to a particular team member for resolution. Issues that are still pending would now appear in the dashboard and alerts and escalations would kick in should a request remain pending for a particular period.

This overall engagement changed the way things were done at The Launchpad. Many of the processes were now automated and the team had more time to engage their community. Overall efficiency had improved, customer satisfaction and retention had increased, and the entire team is now empowered with tools and business automation that they never had before. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at

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