Second CRM has helped Venuescape scale up their business by providing them with business automation tools that has helped them improve their lead & sales force management, convert more customers and improve customer experience.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Event Management



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Second CRM is one of the best CRM programs that we came across that suited our requirements like a tailor-made glove. Second CRM has helped us manage our data in an efficient manner and simplified our workflows which in turn, increased our productivity. Flexible dashboards and robust reporting. Excellent support from the team as well.
Jonathan Anthony Koshy


The Challenges

Being a pioneer in their industry, Venuescape has been on a constant growth since the day they started in 2015. Growth is always a great thing to have but along with it, comes new challenges. Previous ways of doing things no longer seemed adequate due to the growth in the number of transactions, customers as well as venue partners. It was then that Venuescape went on a lookout to seek for the ideal technology partner that could help them manage their growth effectively. After having evaluated a number of technology companies, they had decided to work with Second CRM. Some of their pain points were as follows.

  • As their brand popularity grew, Venuescape experienced a sudden increase in the number of leads that they received on a daily basis. This came from multiple sources and they had no way of tracking and knowing for sure that each and every lead had been worked on by their team.
  • With the increase in enquiries, came the increase in the number of quotations that had to be issued on a daily basis. Everything was very manual, and the team had to refer to multiple sites in order to get a job done. This was a very tedious process that consumed a lot of operational time.
  • Customer support was another challenge since everything had to be done manually and there was no way that they could track if an issue had been resolved or an enquiry had been answered.
  • The Marketing team had been putting new promotions on their website but there was no way that they could ensure that a previous customer would keep coming back to their website and checking on their latest promotions. This invariably reduces their chances of upselling to a previous customer.

The Solutions

The business model of Venuescape is very transactional in nature. That being the case, we at Second CRM truly understood the importance of them solving their Lead Management problem first and the rest to follow. We presented t CRM. Having put this module in place, we then integrated this with their website so that all enquiries that come through the website is funneled into a central system.

  • Not stopping there, we also went on to integrate Second CRM with their multiple social media channels so that all enquiries are picked up and also brought in to the system. Leads coming from their ‘enquiry’ email would also be automatically picked up and brought into the system. Now, based on the categorization of the enquiry, an automated workflow would kick in. This would mean that the enquirer would automatically receive a personalized email and content that is relevant to the enquiry. Then, the system would automatically assign this lead to a particular team member for follow up.
  • Along with the Lead Management module, a whole range of workflows were then put in place that enables many of the routine activities to be automated. This cuts down on response time and having received personalized responses, the enquirer would definitely feel warmer and that in itself would help build a better relationship with the prospective customer.
  • Alongside the above, the Accounts and Contacts module was implemented as all these new enquiries would be automatically funneled into their new centralized database. We then assisted them with importing all their previous contacts into the system and classifying them as customers and venue owners. Now, Venuescape had a comprehensive database of clients and venue owners in a central system.
  • The next module that we implemented was the office automation stack that comprises of the calendaring function along with managing appointments, tasks and emails. Now, all interactions with their contacts can be tracked in Second CRM. This gives the entire team complete visibility as to all engagements done with these prospects.
  • Not only does this give the team complete visibility, it also helped the entire team ensure that all pending tasks were completed on time. This was made possible with the implementation of Alerts and Triggers module. Now, as long as a task is pending, or an upcoming appointment or telephone call needs to be made, Second CRM would pick this up and inform the task owner via email and pop up in the system mentioning that there is such an activity that is pending and needs some kind of action. Based on the predefined rules, should a task be classified as urgent, then anything that is pending beyond a specified time would be escalated as well.
  • The next module that we implemented would be the Potentials Management module. This allows the team to convert the leads that are hot into potentials and manage their pipeline. Having brought these leads into the pipeline means that more time can be spent on these potentials since they have a higher probability rate to convert in the near future.
  • To complete the Lead to Cash cycle, we then implemented the Quotation and Invoicing module that is available in Second CRM. This was a huge relief for the team as they could now do everything that they needed to do in a single system. Huge amount of time was saved and there was an overall improvement in the speed at which things were being done and the conversion time had been cut down manifold.
  • Having completed implementation of the sales part of their requirements, we then moved on to implement the Customer Support module. Now, all issues raised can be tracked in Second CRM and the system would be able to automatically assign the relevant tickets to the rightful person in the organization for resolution. Once again, when a ticket is open for a prolonged period of time, alerts are sent out to the relevant team members and escalations kick in. As a result, the overall efficiency improved and many of the things that were previously done in a manual manner, had now been automated. Most importantly, all these are now tracked in Second CRM and can be retrieved for review or reporting purposes anytime in the future.
  • In order to increase the traction with customers and to better understand them, we implemented the Survey module as the next step. Now, multiple surveys can be created by Venuescape and all this, including the responses will be tracked in Second CRM. This includes Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys as well as NPS and event triggered surveys that would automatically be sent out after a particular trigger point.
  • The second last module that we went on to implement would be the Marketing module. This now allowed Venuescape to run targeted email campaigns and improve overall effectiveness of the campaigns that were being executed.
  • The final piece that was implemented would be the Reporting & Dashboard module. Various reports were created to meet Venuescape’s requirements and many of these were brought in as dashboards to their homepage. Now, whenever a team member logs in to Second CRM, he would be able to see all dashboards that are relevant to him in real-time.

This engagement has brought about vast improvement in the way things were being done at Venuescape. The team were now empowered with technology and business tools that has taken their business to new heights and an all rounded satisfaction had been achieved. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to discuss your problems and to digitally transform your organization or business unit, please feel free to call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at .

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