Second CRM has helped Wariscan efficiently manage their rapid growth, improve sales force management, automate billing & payments and enhance management reporting.

Location: Malaysia
Industry: Professional Services



Digital Artisan Resources Sdn Bhd is a company that is on a rapid growth spree and they are more commonly known by their brand name, Wariscan. 

Wariscan focuses on delivering immersive experience through digitization of artifacts, build Augmented Reality to enhance learning for showcase products and provide training for early technology adopters. Wariscan turns physical artifacts or showcase items to digital which will allow interaction in meaningful ways to enhance comprehension. This is definitely a better way to learn than reading behind the ‘Do Not Touch’ sign.

Managing our corporate clients has never been easier. Second CRM is such a powerful tool and its very user friendly.
Muhammad Zaki Kamaruddin


The Challenges

The services and technology that Wariscan provides is quite unique and that being said, they were very much sought after in the region. With that, there was a sudden overflow in terms of the corporate clients that had engaged them. Growth is all good but now, they needed a system to manage this growth and to put processes in place.

  • With the increase of corporate accounts that they were handling, Wariscan needed to have a system that would keep track of all their engagements, right from the initial engagement up to the closure of the deal.
  • The management also wanted to have a clear visibility as to what the sales team were doing. This would give them a predictive analysis in terms of likelihood of the next deal coming in and also give them better clarity for resource planning.
  • The team at Wariscan was still rather lean and they needed the billing part to be automated so that the team would not miss on any billing and also enable them to continue doing what they do best.

The Solutions

Second CRM has done hundreds of similar implementations and for us, this scope was quite straightforward. Having seen our track record and customer testimonials, the team at Wariscan was convinced that we could roll this out relatively fast and therefore, awarded the project to Second CRM.

  • Upon being given the engagement, the first thing that the Second CRM project team did was to put up a blueprint in terms of the modules, workflows and integration that were involved in this project. Once that was approved by the Wariscan team, we then moved on to presenting the full project plan to the team.
  • This is very crucial since we were dealing with a relatively lean team from Wariscan and we needed the resources to be allocated in order to move the project to completion within the agreed timelines. Usually, in lean organizations, people tend to get busy with their day to day tasks and most often, things get procrastinated. We at Second CRM wanted to ensure that this would not happen with this implementation.
  • Having settled all the above, we then moved on to the actual project work and implemented the Account and Contacts modules which would form the hub of the system. Having put this in place, Wariscan now had all their contacts in a central database instead of Excel sheets that are located in various personal computers.
  • The next thing was to set up and put in place the Appointments, Tasks and Calendaring Modules which would form the core for their Sales team as well as resource allocation. Now, all their Sales Team could log in their daily activities along with the upcoming activities and tasks. Second CRM would automatically become their digital organizer and would keep reminding them in terms of upcoming meetings, pending tasks etc. Not only that, the fact that they could share each other’s calendars gave complete visibility in terms of who was doing what and who’s available to attend to a customer’s needs.
  • Wariscan was now in a position to see all customer touchpoints. Having said that, they wanted to engage their customers more in the form of promotions, newsletters and case studies. In line with this need, Second CRM team went on to implement the Marketing Module. Now, the Wariscan team could run effective marketing campaigns and engage more efficiently with their customers and prospects.
  • The next bit which was quite an important requirement for this project was the Invoice and Quotation module. Second CRM has a robust module that caters to this along with complex multi-currency price books that’s able to cater to most businesses out there. We then implemented this module along with the configurations and finally integrated Second CRM with their Financial Systems. Now, this becomes a complete automation as at no point, Wariscan needs to duplicate the same business documents in their financial system. This not only eliminates duplication but also typographical errors and omissions.
  • As the final exercise, the Reporting module was implemented, and all their management reports and personalized dashboards were created in the system. Now, the Wariscan team can sit back and get the system to automatically churn out those complex business reports.

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