Customer Feedback Management

Design and Execute Customer Satisfaction Survey

Second CRM Customer Feedback Management helps you create beautiful, impactful online survey quickly so that you can collect feedback easily.

Auto Net Promoter Score Survey to Customer

For every closing of ticket or renewal of contract, customer will receive NPS survey automatically through the workflow triggered feedback management system that Second CRM offers.

Improve Survey Response Rate with auto reminders in Second CRM customer feedback management

Send email reminders from the platform to encourage participation from customer who have yet to complete the survey.

Feedback analysis and reporting from Survey

Collect and analyze customer feedback from multiple channels in real time, then use the information to create changes that improve response time, service, and ultimately, profitability.

What our clients are saying

We are glad that we decided to work with Second CRM. They are very practical and methodical in their approach and the team is always there for you.

Lance Uriel

Good Meal Hunting

Our operations are quite complex & Second CRM was able to provide a holistic solution that was tailored to address all our needs. Speedy support and a reliable technology partner.

Hudhaifa Ahmad

Fullrich Malaysia

Second CRM is a robust tool that helps us manage our sales, operations and technical support with ease. Easy to use and the team is highly reliable.

Edwin Cheah

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