Second CRM Free Subscription

When 14 or 30 days trial is not enough

3 months Free Subscription to alleviate all doubts and help you make an informed decision.


The more expectations from the product, the longer you’ll need to evaluate it, right? Makes sense.

Second CRM Free Subscription is a full featured plan, absolutely FREE for 3 months to explore the product’s key features on your own, or work with a Second CRM expert, who can hand hold and guide you through the digital journey.

What’s included in the Free subscription


    • Free Getting Started Workshop*
      Learn from Second CRM experts, in person and get best practices, tips & tricks, pit falls, all designed to get you off the ground in the fastest possible time.
      * Currently conducted in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.


  • Online Getting Started Session
    You can also register for an online Getting Started Session and learn from the comfort of your home/office and get maximum out of your time invested.

  • Ongoing Support
    If you face any problem or have a query, you can just create a service request on Second CRM Portal, for timely support and there’s no limit on the number of such service requests.

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