Empower your teams productivity

Give your team the tools to perform at their best

So little time, so much to do. They key is to do the most, and do it well, in the least amount of time. This is the essence of productivity, which companies employ all manner of tips and tricks to improve.

When working in a team environment, keeping productivity high can be a bit more complicated. Leaders need to negotiate personalities to maintain professionalism, while accounting for individual strengths and weaknesses in order to more efficiently delegate tasks. All this while encouraging team collaboration and navigating internal processes.

Routine tasks are easily automated, and effective organization makes sure everybody knows what to do and when to do it.

1. How automation enhances team collaboration

  • Internal social network
    Having an internal social network in which to discuss business matters facilitates communication, encouraging collaboration. A built-in comment board allows users assigned to a project to leave comments to communicate issues to team members, helping speed resolution.
  • Important updates and birthday notifications
    When working in a team, it is important that every member feels appreciated and valued in order to keep morale up. While discipline and dedication to completing a project is important, having breaks in which colleagues can focus on something other than work helps ward off burnout and increase overall job satisfaction.

The dashboard in Second CRM helps users keep abreast of any important events for the week, which can include upcoming birthdays or workplace milestones such as company anniversaries.

2. How automation enhances internal efficiencies

  • Automate generation of business documents
    You can create a workflow to automate the creation of quotes, invoices, sales orders and purchase orders. This is useful for customers who have a contract for repeated purchases at regular intervals, to regulate service and encourage timely payments.
  • Automate internal operations
    Users can automate the following functions in order to streamline internal processes and assist in organizational management:
    • Personal and shared calendar (meetings, reminders, etc.)
    • Task management (alerts, etc.)
    • Sending email, fax, or SMS directly from Second CRM
    • Leave management (Tracking holidays, leave allocation and balance, online submission and approval process, etc.)
    • Expense tracking
  • Gather actionable data
    You can use Second CRM to inform sales and marketing activities, plan campaigns and more. Extract a list of customers who have not been contacted in two or more months and send them an email to engage with them and encourage repeat business. Or contact customers who have bought a specific product to suggest other items they might be interested in. You can do all this automatically by setting a workflow, allowing you to engage customers with minimal effort.

3. How automation enhances professionalism

  • Professional-looking business documents
    Customize PDFs with your company’s logo and terms and conditions in order to generate professional-looking business documents. These can be automatically generated and dispatched to selected recipients.
  • Standardize communications
    Create standard templates for use when sending emails, fax, or SMS. You can use one of a number of preset templates, or customize your own.
  • Process driven interactions
    Use Second CRM to manage a new lead in order to keep track of all interactions moving forward. You can automate engagement at key customer touch points within the sales process to encourage customer communication with minimal effort. Here are some messages you may want to automate:
    • Send an email to ask about user experience 3 days after a sale
    • Notify customers one week before the end of free support
    • Notify customers of the end of their warranty
    • Automate birthday greetings

4. End to end automation

A complete, well-rounded Business Automation Solution helps streamline the flow of information across the board. From Sales and Marketing to Operations and Customer Support, communication and access to information is facilitated to smooth the progression of the customer life cycle.

As a Business Automation Solution, Second CRM aims to help businesses use automation to solve everyday issues, in order to make business management as effortless as possible. Ideally, businesses should use Second CRM to store as much information as possible in order to allow the system to work for them.

Systematic inconsistencies in the workplace can cause problems:

  • Inconsistently using your CRM system to automate some business functions while manually doing others can cause bottlenecks within your business process. This allows issues to drag on, wasting time and impeding productivity.
  • An inefficient flow of information between departments can cause conflicts, especially when it comes to customer communication. For example, outdated information can result in a customer receiving promotional calls when that customer still has an issue pending with Customer Service.

Marketers asking unhappy customers to make more purchases are likely to be met with anger, which can further damage customer relations.

5. Real-time reports anytime, anywhere

The best Business Automation Solutions are flexible and can adapt to your needs. Second CRM gives you multiple options when evaluating your data, allowing you to select the criteria by which your information is filtered and displayed.

A customizable dashboard presents you with attractive graphs displaying sales and service data from the moment you log in, keeping you in the loop about what is happening in your business on any given day. Having this information readily available helps executives make informed decisions, improving your company’s chance of success in any endeavor.

Having access to a set of predefined reports that you can customize to suit your needs also saves valuable time when preparing reports for management meetings.

6. Business anytime

The cloud is everywhere. When you use online centralized business software, your office is everywhere. At work, at home, a hotel, at a client’s office, even on your mobile phone. Your data is accessible anywhere with internet access.

An attractive mobile user interface gives you access to the same key data you get on the desktop version, and is supported by all major devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows 8 phones, tablets and BlackBerry 10. Create and print sales documents, update contact information, create events and more on-the-go, maximizing your productivity in the field.