Improve Sales With Business Automation

More Revenue in Less Time

Sales are the lifeblood of any company, whether you deal in products or services, for consumers or businesses. This makes the sales process more efficient, allowing reps to take advantage of every sales opportunity to net your company the highest possible profits.

Three ways a good Business Automation Solution helps you improve sales:

1. Singular view of the customer
The CRM Sales Team Management System  give you a singular view of your customer by providing users with a centralized, customizable view of a customer’s complete history with your company. This includes sales and support history, which helps you keep track of your company’s interactions with a customer at all times.

Because it is stored in the cloud, any changes to a customer record is updated in real time, keeping your information up to date.

This information can be viewed either online or offline, from any location using a Web browser for maximum flexibility.

Here are some things you can do with a singular view of a customer:

  • Refresh your knowledge of a case before meetings and refer during, to keep your discussion on track and facilitate customer collaboration.
  • Get new sales reps up to speed on your customers and cases in the shortest possible time, speeding up familiarization.
  • Having an easy to learn customer database also enables faster recruitment, letting you utilize new employees and maximize productivity.
  • Prevent issues when providing customer support, as service reps can easily refer to records to identify customers and view service history.

2. Shorten sales cycles
Shorten sales cycles and improve close rates with Sales Lead to Cash tools that enable lead and opportunity management. You can create custom workflow rules to automate sales processes, create quotes and manage sales orders.

Automation can help you with everything from capturing leads to standardizing management processes, improving consistency in the workplace. You can also automate notifications and alerts to perform follow-ups to increase customer engagement and boost sales accretion.

Here are some other things you can do with business automation to improve your sales performance:

  • Automate the creation and delivery of business documents, such as quotes and bills. This is useful for customers who have a contract for repeated purchases at regular intervals, to regulate service and encourage timely payments.
  • Automate emails to customers to improve engagement. Perform sales and marketing activities with minimal effort via email, increasing lead generation and brand awareness.
  • Manage sales territories and targets. Use workflows and automation to automatically assign cases to sales reps based on territories and other selected criteria, to maximize productivity and encourage healthy competition that drives profits.

Improved visibility & decision-making

Regular reports help business owners and executives stay informed of important events in the workplace and keep track of targets. You can create comprehensive reports that forecasts sales, tracks business activities, measures performance and more.

Use these reports to create a feedback loop to identify trends, problems and opportunities for improvement.

Good business automation solutions have a customizable dashboard that tracks sales and service success to identify top performing employees and drive healthy competition.

A system with flexible and comprehensive reports functionality also gives you the ability to drill down in reports to help you uncover detailed information that is vital to growing your business. Among these are:

  • Who your best customers are – Identify and target sales efforts at these individuals/companies to encourage repeat purchases and referrals.
  • Where your leads are coming from – Use this information to increase your visibility. If your Lead Management reports indicate online advertising generates the most leads, aim your marketing efforts here to boost your ROI.
  • Top performing employees – Reward rainmakers to encourage competition among employees. Provide sales reps with incentives to meet and surpass targets to drive profits.
  • Fast or slow moving products – Know your best-sellers in order to better target marketing efforts and direct production budgets accordingly. Identify slow moving products and improve or discontinue them to better meet market demands.
  • Closing rate – Use closing rates to identify top performing employees and inform future sales targets.
  • Weaknesses in the sales pipeline – Use this information to target sales efforts and improve weaknesses in your sales process. If prospects are falling through at the proposal stage, make improvements to help move more prospects all the way to closing.