Why every business shall create Customer database?

You meet Joe at a convention. Sensing a business opportunity, you exchange name cards and give him your sales pitch. It goes very well, and after a few days of deliberation, Joe calls and asks you to fax him your formal quotation.

But wouldn’t you know it, you’ve misplaced Joe’s name card and with it his fax number. You can call Joe back and ask, but what would that say about how you handle your business responsibilities if you admit to losing his card?

Having the contact information of all your customers, leads or general contacts in one central location will save you valuable time and effort. You would be able to locate information and place a call in a few clicks, and it would definitely save you the embarrassment of needing to call Joe back.

This way, the information is accessible by any personnel at any time, and with the help of our mobile application, anywhere.

And why stop at contact information? Track every interaction, including email, SMS, appointments and meetings without missing a beat. This way, you can manage and build deeper, more lasting customer relationships, enabling you to maximize accretion and boost profits.

Everything in one place

A key advantage having all your data centralized and accessible over the web is that you can’t leave something on the wrong computer.

Whether at home, at the office or on-the-go, you have access to pertinent data anywhere and at any time.
You can also rest assured that your data is kept safe, secure, and password protected at all times. The days of flipping papers or from one Excel spreadsheet to another are over once you implement a proper business automation solution. Everything you would ever need to know about a customer is in one place, including contact information, purchase history, service contracts, and even activities and information collected when contacting your prospects. Having all this information at your fingertips allows you to personalize your customers’ experiences and drive repeat business.

Sometimes, having the information available within a storage system isn’t enough. Ease of access is everything. Having the complete customer history available, along with the customers’ details makes finding relevant information so much easier. You’ll find it easier to prepare quotes with a few clicks, as much of the information is automatically populated. A professional quote can be generated in minutes and sent from within the system, dispensing with the need for wasteful printing and faxing.

You can also generate reports to summarize purchase history, see where potentials are in your sales pipeline, monitor employee performance and more. Print, fax, email or export these reports directly to PDF, making them easily accessible to anyone in the organization that needs them. Reports enable you to create a feedback loop to identify strengths and weaknesses in your business process, helping you make better decisions to grow your business.

What can you do with this customer data?

A lot. If your latest promotion requires customers to physically come to your store, you can filter all customers by location and send notifications to those near you. Send birthday emails to your customers by filtering data based on date of birth. Better yet, you can automate these birthday greetings by setting the system to run a check every day.

You can also set reminders to contact customers that have not been contacted in two months, or for customers whose warranties are nearing expiry. All this can be handled with automation to boost engagement with minimum effort.

It is easy to do?

To be frank, it takes some getting used to, especially in the beginning. But with a proper business automation solution, your processes will become more structured. The true value of your investment will show with continued usage in keying every task into system, which will help the system work for you to maximize your ROI.

It is recommended that you make it part of your company policy to introduce new employees to the system to bring them up to speed with existing staff members. In due course, you’ll start seeing the difference this one decision will make to your company. Even if your employees move on, your customers will stay with you in your centralized customer database.