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Even the best software is just that – software – if it’s not implemented properly. Now that you’ve chosen Second CRM, it’s time to ensure that the investment you’ve made delivers real results. Second CRM professional services help you get up and running fast to deliver better experiences for your customers and make life easier for your staff.

Standard Implementation Packages

Second CRM’s technically advanced design offers many configurable options for users to tweak Second CRM according to their needs. Some options are designed to allow even very complex configurations, which at times are overwhelming and users may end up spending too much time configuring and delay going live.

Second CRM offers standard implementation packages, where a dedicated account manager ensures quicker implementation and going live in a predictable time frame. The fixed scope of standard implementation ensures there are no sudden surprises, yet it covers every aspect of the implementation, from initial understanding of requirements, to modifying screens, configuring user permissions, workflows, setting up reports, designing email templates, quotes & invoices formats, importing customer database and even training your staff on how to use Second CRM.

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migration from other crm

Migration from other CRM systems

Second CRM is highly cost effective, both in terms of user subscription fee and the professional services. On one hand, many of our customers have seen more than 80% saving upon migration from systems like Siebel, NetSuite, Oracle,, etc. On other hand, we’ve upgraded many of our customers from free and open source solutions to a better supported and highly customizable Second CRM, saving hours of struggle in trying to make those systems work for their businesses.

Understanding the existing system workflow, data and reports from the legacy systems can be moved into Second CRM in an organized manner to ensure the smooth transition:

  • Preparing a migration plan to ensure a switch with no downtime
  • Implement the existing workflow and logics, data entry screens and reports in Second CRM
  • Clean data migration without duplication and data loss
  • Identifying the garbage data from the legacy system and not migrating that to Second CRM
  • Testing the new system along with CRM users and complete the transition
  • Talk to Second CRM today to find out more about how you can migrate from your legacy system to Second CRM.

Talk to Second CRM today to find out more about how you can migrate from your legacy system to Second CRM.

Integration of data and systems

Integrating with other systems can get complicated as it involves data transfer between systems which do not have a standardized mode of communication. Second CRM web API’s plays a critical role in such integration projects.

Second CRM professional services team has worked on multiple integration projects involving:

  • POS Systems and Customer loyalty
  • Online warranty registration
  • Customer self-servicing portal or Live support chat
  • Contact centre or VOIP telephony (PABX on cloud)
  • Integration with ecommerce and other online businesses
  • Integration with HR / Accounting & Finance / ERP or Inventory
  • Business intelligence systems
  • 3rd party software Via SOAP / REST / API
  • CMS / Portals

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