We are now in March, the last month of the first quarter. There is so much that had already been done, yet, there is still much more to do and I am fairly certain that many of you would be thinking the same.

As for us, lot’s of new things had been happening and the energy levels are the highest ever. As we briefly mentioned in our last blog, a couple of new partnerships are being forged as we write this and that opens up new geographies and countless possibilities for our partners and us. We at Second CRM are definitely looking forward to some very exciting times ahead.

Amidst all these expansion plans, it is business as usual in Malaysia. From the beginning of the year, we had been sharing a number of case studies and today, we are pleased to publish our 5th case study for the year and this is with 2FootPrint DotCom.

2FootPrint DotCom is a dynamic company that is on a growth spree. Driven by its visionary leadership team, 2FootPrint DotCom has been making waves and paving a path of its own in the managed print services industry. With state of the art HP printers and unparalleled technical support, the team has been gaining a sizeable market share and a brand reputation.

Growth is always a good thing to have but along with growth, comes the problem of managing growth. It is a crucial moment where you would have to redefine the way you do things. Growth is generally a cumulative effect of many different things. Increase in revenue, workforce growth, broader client base; and all of these are the building blocks of growth.

But how do you manage all of these and remove the clutter from work itself? The only way to do that is to digitally transform your organization. Digital Transformation is not an exercise that happens over a limited period of time. It is a journey that you embark on and that is exactly what 2FootPrint DotCom decided to do.

They looked around for an ideal technology partner that could help them digitally transform their organization. After speaking to a number of companies, they finally decided to work with Second CRM. From the point of initial engagement, there were a lot of things that we did for 2FootPrint DotCom.

The entire project was broken down to smaller portions and we drove the transformation exercise one phase at a time. To understand more as to what we have done for 2FootPrint DotCom, we would recommend reading our detailed case study that enlists all the modules as well as the phased implementation methodology.

We are glad to we could be part of 2FootPrint DotCom’s digital transformation journey. There has been a lot that we had mutually achieved from this exercise and we would like to take this opportunity to thank 2FootPrint DotCom for allowing us to be part of their journey. We hope that you would find this case study to be a good read and if you do, kindly do share the case study with your friends.

Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend! Before we part, let us take this opportunity to wish all our Indian friends Happy Holi and our Chinese friends Happy Chap Goh Meh!