Before we start sharing some of the industry best practices, it would only be right if we opened up and told you our story. As a company, Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded by Deep and Sarab, two industry professionals with huge aspirations in the year 2010.

Then, we were merely a three man company with a focus of serving the SME community. We realized that a major problem that SME’s face when it comes to software adoption is the heavy upfront cost of setting up servers and other hardware. Wanting to remove this burden off their shoulders, we decided to offer a cloud based solution at a cost effective rate to the SME community.

We then did a product launch and waited for customers to come on board. It was a long painstaking wait, yet we did not see any returns in terms of sign-ups. That was a moment of realisation for us. It was only then that we realized that the Asian market was still very conservative when it comes to embracing cloud solutions as they still needed that human touch and engagement unlike the western world.

We then came up with new marketing strategies, leveraged on various tools & technologies and rolled it out with a big bang and within a few months, our first customers, MYOB and Cyberview came on board. Both are market leaders within their industries and that was a huge endorsement for us. That was the impact that digital transformation had on us and it was a quantum leap then onwards.

Therefrom, everything picked up in just the right direction and today, we have worked with more than 250 customers in the Asian region. With a team strength of more than 30 people, today our customers range from SME’s to public listed companies and MNC’s.

In line with this growth, we had shifted our focus from SME’s to medium to large corporations sometime in 2016 and the reception and growth has been overwhelming. Today, we take pride in being a company that has helped many large corporations automate their processes and improve all around productivity and efficiency.

We are sure that many would have been able to relate to this story of ours. There is no growth without consistent determination and the ability to learn, unlearn, adopt new strategies and embrace technology which is key to long term success.

Technology has grown to such a level that it has become ubiquitous. Failure to embrace it is the biggest mistake that an organization can make. This we can definitely vouch for based on our experience as well as the success of our clients who have digitally transformed their organisations. Thank you for reading this blog of ours. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s us wishing all of you a productive week ahead!

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