Earlier this month, we had shared a case study on one of our clients that had gone live recently. Today, we are glad to announce another one of our customers who had gone live in recent months and had gained tremendous mileage from Second CRM. Before we look into how Second CRM had helped them, let us shed some light as to what this customer, Bharat House, does.

Bharat House is a social and e-commerce platform targeted at enriching the social lives of Indian expatriates in Malaysia. Being a sizeable community, there has never been a one-stop platform for members of this community to get together, engage as well as to seek for products and services that are of Indian origin. With this gap in mind, Bharat House had come up with this platform that would ideally fill this gap and be of service to not only members of that community, but even to the broader Malaysians as well.

Having social media and e-commerce together on a single platform isn’t an easy feat. During the initial stages, we had to undertake an in-depth analysis of the extremely complex workflows that intertwined between the various functions of the platform. Without a thorough understanding of the spiral of relationships behind their system, it would have been impossible for us to even do anything. Having been convinced with our understanding, we then proposed a solution.

One of the key challenges that Bharat House faced is the shortage of manpower. Being a relatively new company, they needed a technology partner that could take them on a digital transformation journey. Their immediate need was to automate many of their processes, put in place a core engine that would drive their operations and create room for their team to concentrate on their marketing efforts which would invariably be the building blocks for their future.

Second CRM got into a methodical approach of addressing their pain points by peeling off one layer at a time. This made sure that the transformation process in entirety was nondisruptive, paced and we ensured that there was a total buy-in at each and every step of the journey. Having taken this approach made it easier for Bharat House’s team to digest the digital transformation journey and embrace it with a positive mindset.

To have an in-depth understanding of the work that Second CRM had done with Bharat House, we would suggest reading our case study. This case study lists down in detail the modules that we have implemented, the phased approach along with the impact that it had created for Bharat House.

Looking back at this engagement, it had definitely been an amazing journey for both Second CRM and Bharat House and we’re really glad to have created such a value for our customer. Looking forward, we at Second CRM can certainly visualize exciting times ahead as we envision ourselves to be the ideal technology partner for e-commerce businesses in the region. If you are an e-commerce company who would like to have a chat with any of our consultants and discuss your problems, you could call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at sales@secondcrm.com. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!