Last Friday, we were invited to speak at an event organized by Cyberview Sdn. Bhd., the land owners of Cyberjaya, addressing some of their key stakeholders, partners as well as business owners located within Cyberjaya and the topic that they had wanted us to speak on was about Automating Processes and Improving Sales. To learn more about Cyberview and what they do, please click here……

The audience was a blend of Start-Ups, SME’s and even large corporations and the excitement and energy levels in that room was amazing. Both during and after the session, we had such an overwhelming engagement that it sometimes amazes us how people often forget to embrace technology and digitally transform their organization.

During the session, we shared a couple of issues that some of our clients had faced and how technology easily resolved these problems and turned around their businesses. At that moment, the reaction on the audiences’ faces was simply a moment of eureka. This simple gesture clearly shows that the majority of them had been facing similar issues and never in their mind did they realise that technology would be the answer.

Over the years, we had also seen some resistance from Start-Ups as well as the SME community in embracing technology. There had always been this stigma in their mind that technology comes with a hefty price tag and that is something that is not true. It was, once upon a time, but that’s no longer the case. With cloud technology, it’s so much cheaper to jump onto technology than to hire an additional person. If you were to do a cost vs benefit analysis, the benefits far outweighs the cost. During this session, we had also shared information on our Start up Packs which really got many of the start-ups very excited. To learn more about out Start-up Packs, please click here…….

Similarly, medium to large corporations feel that they have already gotten all the technology they need years back and they keep trying to do work arounds using yesteryears technology to solve today’s business problems. That simply does not work. Just as how technology has evolved in leaps and bound, so has the complexity of today’s business.

In order to get the maximum out of technology, organisations have got to keep themselves abreast with the latest out there and to continuously keep their technology growing to meet today’s challenging business demands. This is only achievable with a dynamic technology partner that keeps evolving and designs tomorrow’s technology today.

We at Second CRM have been doing just that and that is why our clients have come a long way with us. We take pride in having been a technology partner instead of just another software vendor and that has nourished healthy long term relationships. This very mindset was what we tried to inculcate during that knowledge sharing session last week.

Even during this very same session, we had started some conversations with Setia Haruman Sdn. Bhd. on partnering and delivering some value back to their Start-up community. Please click here to read more about Setia Haruman and what they do…… Similarly, another partnership had been firmed with Fullrich Malaysia, a pioneer technology provider in the region that is working on transforming Cyberjaya into a cashless society, the first city in Malaysia to reach such a status. To learn more about Fullrich Malaysia, please click here …

With this, we shall be signing off for the week and Thank you for reading this blog of ours. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!

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