It’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing so that you can effectively engage your audience.

The two top means of communication these days are email and SMS. 

Everyone has a cell phone, and email and sms marketing is the quickest way to reach your customers and deliver a personal message to them.

Benefits Of SMS Marketing:

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We all know the importance of email marketing, but did you know that SMS marketing is equally important for your business?

Here are some unique benefits of SMS marketing:

SMS Drives Quick Results

SMS marketing carries a sense of urgency with it. 

People who receive an SMS notification are bound to check it immediately, because of its short content.

People also are aware that most SMS messages contain important information, with no fluff.

An SMS conveys a higher priority and will most often push the user to take action promptly.

SMS is Concise And Conveys The Message Instantly

As mentioned before, SMS content is always brief and to the point. 

This means not much time goes into creating the SMS (unless you count customer segmentation or market research), and the message is instantly conveyed in a few words.

SMS Marketing is Known To Have Very High Response Rates

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Due to the above reasons, SMS marketing has garnered a lot of attention from marketers. 

It has been proven more than once that SMS marketing has a very high response rate when compared to other channels such as social media or email.

This is because other channels have longer forms of content that is not quickly digestible on the go. 

When a customer is outside, or in an inconvenient situation (for instance, at work) he will be more likely to quickly glance at an SMS and take action than read a whole email or sift through his social media posts.

SMS Doesn’t Have A Spam Filter, Unlike Email

Email marketing has the unfortunate barrier of spam walls by email service providers.

Spam filters have become so robust these days due to the increase in spam and phishing attempts.

SMS marketing, however, does not have this challenge as mobile phones do not come with spam filters. Your SMS message is therefore almost always delivered to every customer on oru list.

When email marketing is used along with sms marketing, the results could be quite incredible. 

Let’s take a look at what makes email and sms marketing so beneficial to businesses.

Email and SMS Marketing Provide a High Quality Customer Base

Since customers are usually prompted to enter a code or confirm that they want to be on an email or sms list, this creates a high quality subscriber base. 

That means that the people on your list are those who have consciously opted to hear from your company and are genuinely interested in your products and services.

You Can Reach Customers in an Instant

Smartphones are everywhere, and when you send out an email or an SMS, it is almost always instantly read by your customer. 

Combining email and SMS marketing will give you the chance to reach your customers through multiple channels, so your message doesn’t go unnoticed.

Email and SMS Marketing Work Together

You can send out short an easy-to-read SMS messages about new products that you are launching. 

People don’t have too much time to read, so you can just send them the important stuff via text.

But how do you tell your customer what the benefits of the new product are and how it can help them in their journey?

This is where email marketing comes into play. 

When you use email and SMS marketing in combination, you can send out brief messages about new launches to your audience, while the more juicier details on all the features of the new product and how it can help your customers, you can send through email.

Email And SMS Marketing Work Differently

SMS marketing is usually used for quick responses from your customer base. 

Say for instance, you have a flash sale or a new limited period offer. You want customers to quickly get to know what the sale or offer is about and make a decision as soon as possible. 

SMS marketing reaches people instantly and it doesn’t take much effort for them to read through and get the message.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is useful for long term goals such as building customer relationships, increasing awareness about a certain issue, or educating your customers on a new product or service that you are offering.

Both are equally important, and when they work together, your marketing game is as strong as it can be!

Including A New Marketing Channel Is Easier

When you already have an email marketing campaign in place, it becomes easy for you to start SMS marketing.

You have already built a strong customer base who are waiting to hear from you, and would love to receive quick sms updates from your company.

You already understand how your audience behaves – what they like and what they want to hear more about.

Your list is already primed by your automated email sequences, so you don’t have to worry about starting your customer relationship from scratch.

Targeting certain segments in your target audience is also easy since you already have experience with customer segmentation and have enough information to understand your customer base.

However, you will have to use a few new strategies with sms marketing, as sms is not entirely the same as email marketing

Making email and SMS marketing work together will be the best move you make for your business.

Each has its own value and benefits, and creating a strategy with both channels will help your business increase its ROI.