Last week, we shared a case study on one of our customers who are in the co-working space business. This week, we are delighted to publish our 7th case study for this year which is on Fullrich Malaysia.

To give a little more context as to what Fullrich Malaysia does, they are a financial solution provider established to empower consumers and businesses in this digital era. Powered by technology from Fullrich Beijing and funded by the Barrington Group, Fullrich Malaysia aims to popularize the full benefits of their flagship product, TaPay, in everyday life, aided by its partnership with Affin Bank and Cyberview.

Having started about a year back, the company was on the lookout for a CRM solution to manage their growing database of customers, partners and merchants. Along with that, they wanted to streamline and put processes in place for their Sales, Marketing and Customer Support departments.

That was when they invited Second CRM over for a solution demo and the CEO and top management were impressed with the solution capabilities. Ideally, they would have needed to have gotten a stack of systems to manage all that they could in Second CRM and that was the winning factor for us.

After the project award, the team from Second CRM had numerous discussions with the project owners to gather their requirements. Since their processes were quite complex, the Second CRM team had to spend a little more time to make sure every little bit was covered in order to put all the pieces of information on paper.

At the end of the requirement gathering stage, the team from Second CRM presented the proposed implementation methodology which was phased out over a period of time covering all aspects of their requirements.

The Management of Fullrich Malaysia were happy with what they saw and the greenlight was given to go ahead with the proposed implementation methodology. Due to our experience of having done hundreds of CRM implementations, Second CRM was able to drive this exercise smoothly and guide the team at Fullrich Malaysia on the industry best practices and workarounds to their existing processes which would turn out to be even more efficient.

There were many modules from Second CRM that we had put in place for this implementation. To read more as to what we have done for Fullrich Malaysia, we would like to recommend reading our detailed case study that enlists all the modules implemented along with how it has helped resolve many of the pain points that Fullrich Malaysia previously had.

We are truly glad to be part of Fullrich Malaysia’s digital transformation journey and we would like to thank them for allowing Second CRM to be part of their journey. If you’re looking for a technology partner that is able to automate many of your business processes and improve overall efficiency and productivity, we at Second CRM are here to help you do exactly that. Please feel free to write to us at or call us at +603 8687 4433 and speak to any of our solution consultants.

We hope that you would find this case study to be a good read and if you do, kindly do share the case study with your friends. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!