Throughout the year, there had been many clients of ours that have been going live with their Second CRM implementation and the variety of industries that our customers come from is something that we really appreciate. This truly shows our excellent track record of having worked with more than 250 customers from the Asia Pacific region and the confidence level that these customers have on us.

Over the last few weeks, we had shared a number of case studies on our customers that had gone live in recent months and today, we take pride in publishing another case study on a customer of ours. This would be our 10th case study for the year and this one is with iKargo.

To give an overview as to what iKargo does, iKargo is a technology company that provides a platform that helps shippers and transporters find each other to save time and money and the platform is one that is easy to use. To start off the cycle, the shipper posts a shipment on iKargo and specifies his requirements or items that needs to be delivered along with the location and dates. Then, the transporters that fit the shipment needs, based on the transport types and location, are automatically notified via the mobile app.

Transporters that are notified can begin bidding for the shipment and this process continues until the shipper accepts a bid and pays the bid price. Upon confirmation of the job, the transporter then dispatches a transport to pick up the shipment and delivers the consignment. Upon delivery, the recipient will enter a PIN or sign a delivery order and the transporter gets paid accordingly.

The team at iKargo is relatively small and it wasn’t easy for them to manage the various aspects of an e-commerce business. Realizing that, they started to look out for technology companies that could help them automate many aspects of their business.

Having had a limited budget, they could not afford to engage multiple technology companies to address the various requirements that they had. The challenge for them was to find a technology company that they could call their technology partner who would be able to be a one stop solution provider, not only for their present needs but also for their future needs.

Besides this, the technology company that they engage had to have prerequisite knowledge on the e-commerce business and had to have prior working experience with e-commerce companies. Having had all this in mind, they set out and started conversations with a number of technology companies.

It took them a few months before they could decide who their ideal technology partner would be. The reason for this was solely the fact that they were in no position to make a judgement error as it would cost them significantly. Finally, the decision was out, and we are glad that they had decided to work with Second CRM.

With our experience and scope of work that we usually undertake, this engagement with iKargo wasn’t really a challenge as it was fairly straightforward for us and that being the case, we were able to go live in about six weeks. The team at iKargo were impressed with the speed at which we worked and got things done.

The final result was very satisfying to both teams. iKargo had gotten what they had desired to have, and the solution architecture was built in such a way that they could always build on it and scale up anytime in the future. That gave them complete flexibility as in deciding which other features of Second CRM that they would like to add on in the future and they could stretch their technology enhancement over a period of time or in phases.

As a solution provider, we are truly happy that we were there for iKargo at a time that they really needed our expertise. If you’re looking for a technology partner that is able to realize your digital transformation aspirations, we at Second CRM are here to help you do exactly that. Please feel free to write to us at or call us at +603 8687 4433 and speak to any of our solutions consultants.

We hope that you had enjoyed reading this blog of ours along with the case study. If you find this to be a good read, we humbly request your kind cooperation to share the case study with your friends. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim customers, partners and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!