It feels as if the year had just started and just like that, we are already in the month of February. We at Second CRM have had a great headstart to the year and we hope that all of you have had the same. In January, we had announced two new clients that had gone live and had done case studies on them which we have shared in our last few blogs.

Today, we are pleased to share another case study on a client of ours, Optima Innovations, that had digitally transformed their Sales Department. Before we delve into the details, let us give you a brief as to what Optima Innovations do.

Optima Innovations are a total e-solutions provider – they offer the complete suite of online services to solidify your company’s position ahead of your competitors and position your company to grow, evolve, and resonate with your target audience. Since 1998, Optima Innovations has been paving the road in forging a path for companies both big and small on the World Wide Web. They not only have an energetic, experienced, and creatively inspired team, they also embrace the latest cutting-edge Web technology and applications.

Having been in business for almost two decades brought about some very different kind of problems that they had to resolve in order to continue growing. In fact, their biggest challenge was managing growth and along with that, they needed to automate their sales force in order to support this growth phase that they were undergoing.

Despite having done lots of Sales Force Automation engagements, here Second CRM had not only to play the role of technology partner but we also had to play the role of process consultants. Right from the start, it was a very engaging assignment, the support from Optima Innovations team was overwhelming and as a result, we rolled out the entire project in under six weeks.

We are glad that we had been part of Optima Innovations’ digital transformation journey. Today, they are able to do much more at a fraction of the time that it had cost them previously. To have an in-depth understanding of the work that Second CRM had done with Optima Innovations, we would suggest reading our case study. This case study lists down in detail the modules that we have implemented, the phased approach along with the impact that it had created for Optima Innovations.

We hope that you would find it to be a good read and if you do, kindly do share the case study with your friends. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!