It is with great pride that we would like to announce Second CRM’s collaboration with the University of Malaya. In playing our part for the betterment of the nation, Second CRM is proud to be sponsoring the research & development effort on Blockchain Technology.

This collaboration is with the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology and the project duration is estimated to be three years. The key objective of this research is to address three main areas: Combating counterfeit goods and products in Malaysia, assisting the Higher Education industry in Malaysia by identifying fake degrees and finally, eradicating financial fraud in the country.

As we all know, counterfeit products are a huge problem in Malaysia and this costs the nation a huge sum, both in terms of tax evasion and spending on enforcement. Again, the frustration amongst the consumer segment is tremendous. Understanding the gravity of this issue and with the mindset of combating this problem and eventually eradicate counterfeit goods in the nation, Second CRM has pledged to support this initiative undertaken by the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya.

Another huge problem that is plaguing the nation is the flooding of fake degrees by some irresponsible quarters. This not only affects the institutions of Higher Education in Malaysia, but also the future of generations that have undergone proper coursework and graduated genuinely after years of hard work. It is a great crime to rob the young graduates’ future by denying them a place in the workforce as these fake degrees usually present a rosy set of results. As such, research is being done by the team at the University of Malaya to identify fake degrees using Blockchain Technology and we at Second CRM are certainly glad to be associated with this noble research & development.

The third area of research being undertaken by the team at the University of Malaya is to identify fake financial documents. This is another major problem, especially in recent years where we have so many financial scams that have been exposed. This research & development effort would definitely help maintain a clean and healthy financial ecosystem in Malaysia which would be beneficial to all Malaysians.

We at Second CRM understand the gravity of these issues and being a Malaysian company, we are certainly happy to play a role for the betterment of this nation and creating a better tomorrow for the future generations. Blockchain Technology has tremendous capabilities and a lot more can be done with that technology. Being a digital transformation company, we truly believe in technology and the impact that it could bring in transforming organisations as well as nations.

We would be very happy to engage in similar collaborations in the future. If you are an agency looking for similar partnerships, please do feel free to reach out to us. For organisations looking at digitally transforming their business, please feel free to write to us at or call us at +603 8687 4433 (Malaysia) or +65 6304 8022 (Singapore) and speak to any of our solution consultants.