This week, we would like to take a look at the journey that we had travelled over the last eight years. Looking back, it has been a journey of remarkable growth for us and this was only made possible because of the cumulative effort from every member of the team along with the overwhelming support that we have been getting from all our customers.

Without our customers and the vibrant team that we have, we wouldn’t be where we are today. With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the incessant support given throughout the years.

Just like any other start-up, we too had to paddle through murky waters. There were times when we have had shivers down our spine thinking about all the uncertainties and ‘what if’s’ that could possibly happen down the road.

We still vividly remember the moment when we signed on our very first customer along with the joy of signing up of tenth customer and eventually our one hundredth customer. Each step along the way, we had reached new milestones and it has indeed been a very interesting journey for us. Lots of things that we had to learn and lots of habits that we had to unlearn.

Being the pioneers of cloud technology in Asia, we had been tested and groomed many a times and it was all those experiences that had moulded us to be what we are today. Having said that, we are glad to have worked with more than 250 companies across Asia and this regional experience had enabled us to prepare for going beyond our geographical boundaries.

Today, we are proud to announce our very first customer acquisition in Australia and that is another huge milestone in our journey. Having been able to compete with global brands and provide true value to the customer brings utmost satisfaction to us.

The client, Loyalty App, is Western Australia’s first universal loyalty program where one could earn and use reward points across Western Australia’s best brands. In the weeks to come, we shall be doing a full-fledged case study on this customer along with how our solution was able to digitally transform their operations.

With this new client acquisition, we hope to expand further in this region and help digitally transform many more businesses. We are truly thankful for this opportunity as it marks our entry into a new geography and we hope to be able to start making waves down under.

Thank you for reading this blog post of ours and please do share with your friends. If you would like to have a chat with any of our consultants to see how we could assist you in providing solutions that would help digitally transform some of your business units, do call us at +603 8687 4433 or email us at Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!