It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that Second CRM has made it to the inaugural cohort of ScaleUp Malaysia. ScaleUp Malaysia is founded by some of the top mentors in the country who have a huge reputation among the Malaysian startup ecosystem.

The founders of Proficeo Consultants Sdn Bhd, Renuka Sena and Dr. Sivapalan have now joined hands with three other entrepreneurs, Aaron Sarma, Andre Sequerah and Shan Tay Li, and have come up with this latest accelerator programme, ScaleUp Malaysia. In the initial round of selection, from over a hundred companies that have applied, twenty companies have been selected for the first round of mentorship and Second CRM is priviledged to be one of them.

This initial three-month programme is designed to identify the gaps in these companies and coach the stewardship in bridging those gaps and growing the company out of it. And the subsequent twenty-one months is designed to take these companies places by doing an overall transformation in all aspects of the business and management style.

We at Second CRM are extremely excited by this opportunity and to be part of such a magnificent project. Lots of learning have already commenced, yardsticks put in place and every effort is now measured with precision for enhanced learning and correction, all heading towards the amplified growth that we want to achieve.

Having a dynamic team is a great plus for us as each and every member of this team is willing to make the necessary changes in order to materialise our organizational goals. Over the last nine years, we have certainly come a long way. We have successfully served more than three hundred businesses in the region and our clients are now spread all over South Asia and ANZ.

From having worked only with privately owned companies, we now have a number of government agencies and GLC’s under our clientele. And now having been part of ScaleUp Malaysia’s inaugural cohort, we are certainly looking at exciting times ahead, both in terms of enhancing our product suite as well as a manifold growth of organisation and client acquisition.

To read more about ScaleUp Malaysia, kindly click here. We at Second CRM would like to seize this moment and thank the team at ScaleUp Malaysia for having given us this opportunity.

Second CRM offers a common technology platform, covering sales, customer service, operations and business automation for small to medium business, to implement data driven standard processes that will improve productivity and help businesses scale.

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