The Importance of CRM in Higher Education

Sep 27, 2018

More and more organizations from private to public sectors are pursuing better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. With the same intent, higher education institutions are also adopting customer relationship management (CRM) to attract, retain and serve its students.

In the context of higher education institution, students are your customers. However, this realization that students should be treated as customers and technology investments must be made to support this relationship to support student outcome and drive institutions success over the long term.

Surprisingly, not many higher education institutions use CRM software as they lack adequate knowledge about it. Many of us thought that CRM software are for conventional businesses and corporates only, which is not true! CRM is a powerful student management tool which if properly leverage can offer valuable insight to your stakeholders to develop strong and personal relationships with current students, prospectus and alumni.

For better understanding, we have compiled some major benefits of CRM for higher education to stay ahead of your competitors.

Simplified admission and recruitments

The foundation of all higher education is the successful recruitment of students for every academic cycle. CRM for higher education is majorly used for the admissions process to speed up the process and improve recruiting results and finally to bring more visibility to the institutions. With best CRM technology, academic institutions can create compelling and customized messages to target the right prospectus for enrolment. With increased visibility, the institution will have a broad pool of prospectus and can attract high-quality staff which leads to maximum benefits both academically and financially.

Handle student inquiries hassle free

Higher education institutions can successfully deliver high-quality services by making follow ups at the right time for every inquiry with a CRM customer communication system doing all the work. CRM helps to keep a record of every interaction with the prospectus and students during the counseling. You can maintain the follow-up and enhance the communication process between students and the academic institution.

Track potential leads

These days, students completely rely on digital channels to collect information about the universities they are interested in. Best CRM systems have integrated tracking tools which allows you to track leads through multiple engagement programs like email, print, and invitations to the physical and virtual event and analyze their feasibility. It allows instructions to track how the students searched for the institution online. This, in turn, helps with smart marketing budget planning and to allocate resources for the most effective online marketing campaigns.

Keeping the alumni connection

The alumni communication is an integral part of any college or university, keeping the former students engaged with the campus is essential to build strong relations. Strong alumni connection can lead to greater donations and improved visibility to the prospectus. CRM for higher education can be used to keep alumni of the institution connected even long after their graduation. Enrich student life-cycle management with a customer database CRM solution.

Better customer service

Student lifecycle management begins with every student recruitment. Once a student gets admission, then comes the next phase called retention phase that revolves around monitoring their progress. The last step is when a student graduates and enter become alumni. Utilize CRM to enrich their interaction by offering personalized communication channels to provide measurable results.

Here’s How Second CRM’s Software Suite for Higher Education Institutions Can Help You

  • An efficient On-demand model that is customized based on defined requirements and objectives of the business users of a higher education institution.
  • Functional features and modules that manage different touch points of the student lifecycle in Second CRM like Lead Management, Campaigns/Event Management, Student Issues Management, Donor and Alumni management.
  • Inquiry management module in a CRM ensures that all the inquiries generated from marketing activities of the institution are tracked effectively till the admission stage.
  • Automate messaging and email templates to provide a warmer engagement process.
  • Pick up every future conversation with the prospective students with full knowledge as to where the last conversation or engagement was.
  • Students request and complaint’s history can be recorded in the Second CRM so that it makes the management more effective.
  • Maintain and attract new corporations for campus placements based on the past successful placements and students profile like education, specialization, summer training etc., and run vertical specific customized campaigns to attract corporations and increase visibility in the corporate world.


CRM for higher education is an effective solution for institutions for better visibility and communication across campus structures. CRM helps with enrolments, monitoring student process, identify and assess students, coordinate staff and activities and strengthen the relationship with alumni. Incorporating CRM into higher education institutions drive fast and efficient services.

Various communication and management elements can be automated to speed up the response time. And, a CRM software like Second CRM also provides real numbers which can be used in making important decisions. With the ability to track each aspect of student’s lifecycle, you can easily find out where in the process you lose prospective students. Once bottlenecks that impeded processes are identified, betterment becomes easy.

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