The last few months had been really exciting times for us. Not only has the team been growing, our customer base had been growing as well with new customer acquisitions coming in from various geographies.

This is truly exciting because this year is a year of geographical expansion for us and we are glad that our plans are intact, and the execution had been as per our plans. This year, we had been sharing a number of case studies and today, we are pleased to publish our 6th case study for the year and this is with The Launchpad.

The Launchpad is a co-working space that is based in Cyberjaya, Selangor. They had started operations in January 2017 and since then, have been on a rapid growth. In line with this expansion, they were looking for a technology partner that could help them manage their growth in an efficient manner.

The Community Manager had been looking at a number of solution providers and after some evaluation, they had decided to engage Second CRM. Based on the inputs received from the Community Manager, one of the main reasons that they had decided to work with us is the user friendliness of the system.

Despite being a solution that is rich in feature, if it is not user friendly, then the adoption would not be as per plan. The Launchpad truly understood this, and they wanted to have a system that would make the teams’ life easier. That being said, they decided to go with Second CRM as it had the capability to resolve all their pain points and at the very same time, it was a system that was easy to use and it had the capacity to scale up with their future growth.

Above that, the mobile enablement part truly excited the team at The Launchpad as now, they could have access to their database regardless where they were. They could now do a host of things on the go and not necessarily wait to get back to the office in order to access the system.

This was indeed a powerful enablement for the team as they now could promptly attend to any task or pending item regardless where they were. Duplication of work had also tremendously reduced and overall efficiency of the organization had increased manifold.

The entire project was broken down to smaller portions and we drove the transformation exercise one phase at a time. To understand more as to what we have done for The Launchpad, we would recommend reading our detailed case study that enlists all the modules implemented as well as the phased implementation methodology.

We are very happy to be part of The Launchpad’s digital transformation journey. This engagement has not only enriched the team at The Launchpad but also given us the opportunity to work with a co-working space. We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Launchpad for allowing us to be part of their journey.

We hope that you would find this case study to be a good read and if you do, kindly do share the case study with your friends. Till we meet again with a new blog post, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!