A few weeks back, we shared some of the common problems faced by most institutions of higher education and these are problems that are seen across the globe, not only those that are specific to a particular geography.

This week, let’s look at some ways that we could help you automate many of your marketing activities in order to create a personalized relationship with prospective students that invariably increases your recruitment numbers.

It is a known fact that all prospective students apply to at least a number of universities at any particular time. As people, we are all bound by emotions and the best way to win these students is to engage more with them and give them that personalized feeling that they are welcome at your institution of higher education.

The fact that they feel warm and welcomed to a particular university creates a passion towards that university and if you can do this, you have already won half the battle in securing this prospective student.

These days, each cohort has thousands of students and the limitation that we have in terms of time and energy that could be spent on each student prevents us from giving our fullest time and attention. How do we overcome this? This could be easily overcome but putting systems in place that would still keep engaging these prospective students in a personalized fashion till they become hot leads.

With systems in place, you could easily categorise these prospective students by observing their behavior as well as response pattern. With categorization in place, you could spend more time on students that are most likely to be in the ‘hot students’ category and convert them with ease.

Constant communication can be set with predefined workflows based on certain parameters to continuously engage these students and their parents. After all, it is this personalized engagement that would give a good feeling to parents that their children would be treated with care throughout the undergraduate programme.

There is a huge multiplier effect in this whole exercise. Now, when a prospective student feels so comfortable with a particular university and have somewhat made up their mind, they are most likely to share their sentiments with their friends as well. Now, not only have you won the hearts of these students, they have also started acting as social influencers on behalf of your institution. How fantastic could that be.

All this is possible because of the automation that has been put in place and the benefits that you reap is manifold. Think about it please, if all that it would cost you to put systems in place would be an aggregate of one student and the returns that you get would be much higher, doesn’t it make sense to dive into this digital transformation exercise and transform the way you do things.

If you’re part of an institution of higher education, we are certain that you would be looking at ways to increase your recruitment. We at Second CRM are here to help you do exactly that. In the weeks to come, we shall be sharing more solutions that we have in place to assist institutions of higher education. Alternatively, do write to us at sales@secondcrm.com or call us at +603 8687 4433 and speak to any one of our solution experts.

With this, we shall be signing off for the week and Thank You for reading this blog of ours. If you find this to be a good read, please do share this with your friends, specifically those who are in the higher education industry. Till we meet again next week, here’s wishing all of you a blissful weekend!