Even if you haven’t used a CRM before, you might have heard the term echoing through the industry. In the starting days of any business, managing data like customer info isn’t’ difficult. As your business goes and when you get more customers and adds up people in your team, customer info gets dispersed across spreadsheets, sticky notes, notes pads and so on. While business growth is great, with it comes the need to organize your data. That is when customers starts asking for quality and better customer service. Communicating with your customers and recording all the conversations becomes significant at this stage of your business. Here is why customer communication is business critical and how improving it helps your business.

Understand the need of your customer

CRM isn’t just an address book. It is an efficient business software that empowers your team to build customer relationship in its fullest form to provide the best customer experience. CRM evaluate customer’s engagement with your brand and to get to know your customers better. It helps business to understand what customer’s want and to identify new opportunities. Most of the CRM comes with lead scoring functionalities that define rules to score each of your leads. By this, you can learn about your prospectus more.

Manage multi channels communication in a single system


Customer relationship management is quite simple with CRM and can be implemented in different ways using a website, social media, email, phone and various marketing materials. Apart from contact information, CRM logs your business touch points with their customers. With a CRM, you can create campaigns specifically targeting customer bases. Not only that, it helps manage and view all customer communication and access it all from one place. Any business will benefit from maintaining a record of conversations and purchases that can be associated with leads and customers.

Channel customer requests to the right sales person

Having access to data of sales opportunities, forecasts, trends etc. is important in crafting your businesses for immediate and long terms plans. Real-time sales report helps the company to identify inefficiencies in the sales process, marketing campaigns and so on. CRM tools link to critical customer information like customer purchase history, previous interactions and all of these helps channel request to the right sales person.

Gain insights on Customer Preference

By pooling CRM data, businesses will be able to create a great customer experience for their prospectus by collecting data which otherwise cannot be obtained easily. It helps businesses to gain insight into customer activities and they can modify their operations to ensure customers are served in the best way.

Once you have a better understanding of your customers, the more responsible you can be to their requirements. It is significant to have a deep knowledge of customer needs, the challenges they face, what they shop for and how they utilize your products and services. CRM and analytical tools will bring in all these info at your fingertips so that you can personalize the buying experience for the individual customer.

Single System that Track all Customer Information


CRM gives a complete view of your prospectus including contacts, customer history, behavior & communications and internal discussion. Accessing critical customer data is quick and easy with a CRM. You can easily track all interactions through online chats, emails, phone calls, social media and support tickets.

Tracking customer history like the purchase history, length of customer relationships and how each customer finds our business. CRM is an excellent software to document all customer conversion and gives you an easy way to trace back to their account when you might not remember particular details. You will always have detailed information about customers making it easy to answer their entire questions and provide excellent customer experience. Some features that CRM software offered, for example in Second CRM, enhances your communication with customer by allowing you to send out birthday emails automatically based on their birth dates in the database.


While you start, the need for a bigger system doesn’t seem essential but as the company grows into medium size, or even more bigger, customers begin asking for more features, better support, and you need a better software to manage everything and to keep your business steady.

Businesses have started to realize the significance of acquiring data and the need to collect data about their prospectus. From having a clear understanding of who your customers are and most importantly, what they really need to find out which marketing campaigns work and the reason, a CRM with analytical functionality is all that is needed for a business to grow to the next level. Utilizing both physical input from users as well the CRM software itself becomes particularly useful for the sales team of any businesses. It helps the team to focus on the right customers with whom they can make a profit with the smallest amount of work and in turn, allows predicting future sales and revenue.

CRM strategy helps businesses from small size to large enterprises to achieve business growth and success. Hope you enjoy this week’s post. If you need any assistance, please feel free to write to us at sales@secondcrm.com or call us at +603 8687 4433 and speak to any of our solution consultants.