Are you a university or college that is looking at multiplying your enrolment? Then we would be the perfect technology partner to speak to. We do have a number of solutions that would help your Admissions and Marketing Teams do just this.

One of the biggest challenges that universities face is following up with leads and enquiries on a timely manner. We all know that on average, a prospective student submits their application to at least five universities and from that, they would on average receive three offers. How do you ensure that these prospective students do not choose another university?

Then the other challenge comes with agent management. All universities engage agents to help them with recruitment, especially foreign students. And these agents are most often tied down with a number of universities and the norms is to submit multiple applications for a single student. For them, what matters is the commission that they receive and not the wellbeing of any one particular university.

Marketing teams are bogged down with a number of major events throughout the calendar year. They have to juggle their time to manage these events and above that, organize roadshows at schools which is another huge challenge due to the geographical spread and logistical challenges. Is there an easier way to do all this using technology?

Now, having done these events, how do you organize the follow ups of leads that have been collected from all of these events. Statistics shows that prospective students these days selects a university based on the warmth, comfort factor and peer influence. In order to achieve this, these prospective students must always be engaged in a timely manner and never let out to dry.

With the existing workload that the Marketing teams already have, how do you ensure that only the hot leads are passed to them for them to start influencing and winning the hearts of these prospective students with the human touch.

The ratio of students to Student Counselors are also alarmingly high. In some countries, it has even reached 800:1 which is an extremely difficult task to manage for the counselors. There are many ways that technology can help these Student Counselors keep their students happy and engaged.

As for the Admissions Team, managing huge amount of paperwork is a challenge and sometimes, due to the back log, these prospective students do not receive their Offer Letters on time and the university ends up losing these valuable students. We have seen this happening rampantly in many large universities.

Having a student on board does not ensure that the student would graduate out from the very same university. This is another concern that is increasing these days, especially with the millennials. It doesn’t mean that their grades are not up to the mark. It simply means that they no longer feel comfortable being part of the institution and they end up transferring their credits to other universities and complete their degree there. Lack of emotional support from the institution and excitement on the part of the student is the core reason for this. This invariably leads to loss of prospective revenue for the university and the probability of this happening is on the rise in recent years.

Do any the above problems sound familiar? If you’re part of an institution of higher education, we are certain that you would be facing many of these challenges routinely. We at Second CRM are here to help you solve these pain points. In the weeks to come, we shall be sharing solutions that we have in place to help solve the above problems for you. Alternatively, do write to us at or call us at +603 8687 4433 and speak to any one of our solution experts.

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