On the 9th and 10th of December 2019, Second CRM had participated in the Ecommerce Day 2019 event which was organized by MDEC, in collaboration with MITI and KKMM. This is the second time that this annual event was being held and the theme for 2019 was From Local to Global Champion.

The event was held at Menara MITI, Kuala Lumpur and it was a huge success. Very interesting line up of talks were presented by world renowned speakers from all around the globe and alongside, there was an exhibition on eCommerce related solutions running parallelly. The whole objective of this event was to encourage and inspire Malaysian business owners to adopt eCommerce and go cross border.

It was at this exhibition that Second CRM showcased our award winning Second CRM for Retail & eCommerce Solution and the reception that we had received from the attendees was overwhelming. Second CRM for Retail & eCommerce Solution is a platform that manages your entire offline and online business in a single system.

Whether you are an online merchant that sells in multiple market places or a traditional business that wants to embark on a ready platform to take you to the world of online selling, this would be the ideal platform as it consolidates and manages all aspects of your business in a single system.

To give better clarity on the breadth and depth of our Second CRM for Retail & eCommerce Solution, the following are some of the modules that we readily have in our solution: Customer Database Management, Inventory Management, Product Management, Multichannel Selling, Order Management, Inventory Documents, Payment Gateway Integration, Warehouse Management, Automated Purchasing Process, Customer Loyalty Management, Customer Portal, Marketplace Integration & Sync, eCommerce Website Integration, Inbuilt POS System, Shipping Integration, SMS & WhatsApp Integration and many more.

This feature rich solution is literally able to solve all the pain points that many online sellers are facing on a day to day basis, magically automate their operations and truly, it is the first of its

If you are an E-Commerce merchant looking for a technology partner that is able to automate your entire operations, we at Second CRM are here to help you do exactly that. Alternatively, if you are a traditional business that is looking at doing something big in the eCommerce space, do talk to us as well.

Please feel free to write to us at sales@secondcrm.com or call us at +603 8687 4433 (Malaysia) or +65 6304 8022 (Singapore) and speak to any of our solution consultants.