The last few months have been truly trying times for all of us with the recent Covid-19 outbreak. The gravity of this outbreak had been so intense so much so World Health Organisation has classified this as a Pandemic. The spread of this Coronavirus is so rapid that the whole world has been greatly affected at such a fast and unimaginable rate.

Globally, people are taking precautionary measures and avoiding crowded places. All entry and exit points are being monitored by thermal sensors and most organisations are recording temperatures of customers and employees who come into their premises. In line with this, organisations are taking steps for the safety and wellbeing of their employees by enforcing remote working from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

This is certainly a healthy approach as it curbs the possibility of coming into contact with the deadly Coronavirus. We at SoftSolvers Solution did a one-day trial of the same and kept the entire organisation connected throughout the work day using our very own Second CRM. A post 360-degree evaluation of this exercise revealed some stunning results.

Employees were much more productive working in the comfort of their homes. There were less distractions to handle, thus enabling better output. Stress of travelling to and from work is also eradicated and this enhances optimum results. And all of this remote working was made possible using Second CRM.

Despite being in different locations, the entire organisation remained connected and the experience was as if all were under the same roof. With the array of online tools that we have in Second CRM, day to day operations were effectively managed and monitored.

Second CRM has the capability to digitally transform any organisation. There is a stack of modules designed for every department in the organisation. The entire solution is built with this view in mind. Despite wherever anyone is, this technology keeps the entire organisation connected at all times.

There is a myriad of workflows built into Second CRM that allows one to work from any location. Access controls are in place and this keeps confidential information intact and accessible only by those that are authorized. Managers can still assign tasks to their team and monitor the progress of the assigned tasks. Requesting for approvals need not be face to face anymore as this too can easily be managed in Second CRM.

Organizing and managing meetings, including managing the outcome of the meetings can be easily done using Second CRM. Second CRM also comes with a powerful reporting tool that can handle very complex reporting. In addition to this, real-time dashboards displaying multiple metrices of the various departments in the organisation is also available.

The above are just a handful of use cases that are available in Second CRM. We have worked with hundreds of organisations in the region and have even helped multinationals go digital and break the conventional ways of doing things. In view of this Covid-19 pandemic, this would be the ideal solution to help protect the wellbeing of the employees and promote a remote working environment.

If you are looking at inculcating the similar culture in your workplace and would like to know more about the solutions that we offer, please feel free to write to us at or call us at +603 8687 4433 (Malaysia) or +65 6304 8022 (Singapore) and speak to any one of our consultants.

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