Dear Friends and Customers,

The present Covid-19 pandemic has tremendously crippled businesses on a global scale, stalled operations, created cash flow crunches and hindered new revenue realizations. The worst hit among these are the SME’s who would usually have very slim cash reserves and are totally dependent on the day to day operations.

This global pandemic which all of us had initially expected to be brief has however proven us wrong. The trend seems to be still rising despite many countries putting in great effort in attempting to flatten the curve. Many nations have suffered and many more are still living the ordeal. When will all this come to an end, it is still very hazy to even come to that conclusion.

In order to bring this pandemic under control and to break the cycle of infection, many nations have enforced Movement Control Order and some, where the situation is much worse, have enforced a total lockdown altogether. Here in Malaysia, the government has enforced the previous and we hope that all Malaysian give their utmost cooperation by staying at home and help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Despite being under a Movement Control Order in Malaysia, we would like to assure all our customers that we are still there for you, at all times. We are able to support you using our own platform that enables us to work remotely from the comfort and safety of our homes.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, SoftSolvers has taken a leap forward to support SME’s in being able to run their businesses remotely using our platform. This special Second CRM Covid-19 Support Package is designed to lift the financial burden off SME’s and provides a grace period that would enable SME’s to recuperate and be back on their feet.

Having been faced with such a predicament with uncertainty in terms of the duration, now would be the ideal moment for SME’s to embrace technology and drive their businesses forward, what more when MDEC supports this digitalization effort by providing grants that enables SME’s to get up to 50% discount in order to kick start their go digital efforts.

Kindly do read more on our Foundation Solutions and see how we can assist you. Not forgetting our core industries, we do have specific Industry Solutions that would be of great assistance, especially during these times, to automate your operations. As a homegrown company, we pledge to do our best in order to support and help sustain the SME’s in Malaysia during these difficult times.

To learn more about our offerings, please feel free to Call / WhatsApp us at +60126727875 for our Covid-19 Support Package; +60163317437 for our Industry Solutions or +60129737427 for General Enquiries.

Yours Truly,
Mohandeep Singh