The last few months have been a very traumatic time for all. Covid-19 has truly taken the world by surprise and has totally changed the way we live and run our day to day lives. On a global level, many organisations have been tremendously hit by the effects of the lockdown and movement control order imposed by the various governments.

In Malaysia too, the situation has been deeply felt by all and sundry. For some industries, this movement control had been good but for the majority of conventional organisations, the effects have been crippling. Most people have adopted the work from home lifestyle but their organizational connectivity and inter department coordination has not been able to be fully restored.

We at Second CRM truly understand the predicament that most organisations are going through. Using the Second CRM platform, one is able to fully run their day to day business from home without any interruptions. All departments are able to cohesively work together despite being in the comfort of their homes.

This technology is being used by hundreds of organisations throughout the region. Even recently, before the Movement Control Order was enforced by the Malaysian government, we at Second CRM had done a similar exercise and recorded a case study and published it in our previous blog postings.

Using the same tools and technology, we at Second CRM are able to continuously support our customers, both in terms of sales, support, new customer implementations etc. during this Movement Control Order and all of this is performed by the entire team in the comfort and safety of their homes. This has also been reiterated by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mohandeep Singh in a recent special message addressed to our customers.

In light of this pandemic, we at Second CRM are fully in support of helping all SMEs get through this trying period. As such, we would like to announce our special offering, an exclusive Second CRM COVID-19 Support Package to help our fellow comrades survive these turbulent times. This would be a full featured plan, absolutely FREE for up to 6 months, to manage your business operations, while working from home and still being able to keep your customers happy and employees safe.

Along with the platform, there is lots of support both in terms of online training and coaching together with customer support to address any issues that you or your employees may face. The Second CRM COVID-19 Support Package comes with a no hassle registration process that allows you to get started almost immediately and help drive your business operations remotely, regardless of where you and your team are.

Being a SME ourselves, we understand your problems better and we pledge to do our best in order to support and help sustain the SME’s in the region during these difficult times. To learn more about our offerings, please feel free to Call / WhatsApp us at +60126727875 for our Covid-19 Support Package; +60163317437 for our Industry Solutions or +60129737427 for General Enquiries. 

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