Top 5 Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

Manufacturing is the backbone for any country’s economy and it makes a significant difference in its employment, GDP, import & export etc. The manufacturing industry has evolved greatly over the last few decades and technology played the role of a major catalyst for change. Despite the advancements, the challenges in the manufacturing industry continue to exist.

However, there are ways by which manufacturing businesses can leverage the latest technology advancement to face these challenges.

Let’s see the challenges faced by manufacturers and how a CRM can resolve those.

 Employee Self-service System

Employee self-service (ESS) is a popular and widely used human resources technology which enables employees to perform job-related functions like applying for leave, updating personal information, applying for reimbursement. All of the above functions are normally maintained by administrative staff manually. Employee self-service system is often available as a part of a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Customer relation management software (CRM) which often delivered by SaaS platforms.

Business Automation

In the digital era, market leadership is defined in terms of speed. An organization must adapt to market trends the fastest way, make decisions fast and adapt to processes quickly. Think of a typical day at work involving calls to makes, emails to send and answer, meetings to attend, tasks to follow up and even more. While these repetitive tasks allow successful operation of businesses, the major turn down is that they are time-consuming.

4 Sales Tips for Businesses in Malaysia

Besides a beautiful and multicultural country, Malaysia has a dynamic business environment with an amazing economic story of transformation from a developing country to one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

Driving Productivity Through CRM for Manufacturers

The shift in customer attitudes and a dynamic operating environment compels businesses to invest in CRM software to achieve service, sales, and marketing excellence. With CRM software, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by providing excellent customer support along with creating top quality products. Connecting different departments with a centralized system helps in retaining existing clients and discover new prospectus.

The Importance of CRM in Higher Education

More and more organizations from private to public sectors are pursuing better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. With the same intent, higher education institutions are also adopting customer relationship management (CRM) to attract, retain and serve its students.

In the context of higher education institution, students are your customers. However, this realization that students should be treated as customers and technology investments must be made to support this relationship to support student outcome and drive institutions success over the long term.


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