Implementing Business Automation

Why Every Firm is Investing in Lead Management Software in 2019

For you to understand the role of lead management software, I will give you an example that we can all relate to. If you are a parent or a friend to one you know besides the joy of  being the mother/father of the little kid, you know the process of raising a kid is...

8 Must Haves of an Office Automation Software

Technology has completely changed the ways of handling office duties. You have probably heard about office automation, but what does it mean? Office automation helps get rid of all time-consuming paperwork. As much as you may be using online tools to do the same that...

Why You Should Invest in an Employee Management System

Labour is one of the major resources of an organization. To ensure things run smoothly, you will require an employment management system. This is essential for growing businesses because of issues such as scaling, process automation, and workflow optimization. As the...

Why CRM Integrated Billing Automation Is a Game Changer

Creating business quotes and delivering invoices are a critical part of the sales process. When you are a medium sized business with pretty good inquiries and real sales happening, you would find it overwhelming to manage incoming invoices. Invoice management is...

Efficient Client Onboarding In The Investment Industry

Client onboarding can be quite challenging, time-consuming, expensive and success is never guaranteed. However, client onboarding is emerging as a major focal point for investment banks and financial institutions which struggle with evolving market dynamics,...

Why Investment Industry Needs a Deal Management Platform

With the ever-increasing wave of compliance and regulations, investment banks are looking to restructure their practice to become more agile and capital-conscious. As the regular and compliance costs rise, investment banks are under the intense pressure to cut down...

What our clients are saying

It’s been a pleasant journey with Second CRM for the past few years. The team is extremely helpful, especially providing customization, support and advice to meet our requirements. Big thumbs up to the team for the great service!

Jessica Tham

MedKlinn International Sdn Bhd

Second CRM is a great tool for us to manage our leads through the sales funnel, and track leads conversion. Their technical & support team is always ready to assist whenever needed too!

Ahmad Hazri Mohamed Ariz

Multimedia University (MMU)

The web based Second CRM provides a central platform which serves the needs of our sales & marketing teams among various countries. Their support team is very professional with timely responses to our queries.

Mr. Joseph Ong

All Measure Technology

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