manage warranties efficiently

Whether your business is conducted within the consumer market or with other businesses, warranties are almost essential to delivering exceptional value to the customer. They need to be managed efficiently in order to ensure benefits to both the business and the customer. Offering additional warranties are a clever way to give you the leg up on your competitors, as a consumer usually takes potential service costs into mind when selecting a product. Below is a diagram illustrating the three levels of product:

offer a discount

Some business owners might think of discounting as a bad thing. After all, it involves lowering prices, which means less revenue. However, offering discounts is a great way to boost sales by enticing prospects with the additional benefit of a lower-than-usual price. Think of it as a win-win situation, where the customer gets a product at a low price and the business gets to make a sale. However, discounting can be tricky when it comes to actually applying it to your products or services.

single view of customers

One of the secrets to success is having a single view of your customer. Instead of having customer data, from sales contact history to service data, located in separate silos, all the information on all your customers is pulled together into panoramic views of the customers.

McDonald's case study

The world’s largest quick-service restaurant chain, McDonald was first opened in Singapore in 1979. McDonald is a consumer-based business that puts customer’s satisfaction above all else. Due to this pertinent matter, the company realized that the need for a system that would allow them to deliver high levels of customer service are inevitable.

cloud computing for sme

For SMEs with multiple sites, IT systems are often a cause of headaches and unneeded stress. The tools and systems used to help grow a business in the early years from a single site have now been upgraded to support multiple sites and more users. The challenge for SMEs with multiple sites is not felt day to day when systems are up and available, even if they are running slowly. So what can be done?

manage support contract with crm

No man is an island. The same goes with businesses, which often rely not only on clientele but also other businesses in order to keep functioning. If you rent office space, think of the custodial staff, or the company you outsource advertising to. These services are often managed using support contracts, which are formal agreements to provide services for a set length of time.


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